What to do and eat in Lisbon

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So much to see in Lisbon…

2017… Little update after spending a month in the Alcantara area. My first version of this article was written in 2014 after a 3 days city trip that made me totally fall in love with Lisbon. Now I know the area a bit more, I still love the docks and Belem but I’ve also discovered the more peaceful Alcantara, and I have to admit that Lisbon stole my heart once again !

Zoom on Portugal and then on Lisbon and follow your guide…

Discover the “ponte 25 de abril” from all sides…

Starting by from above – or almost – at the “miradouro” of Alcantara close to the palacio das necessidades.

Isbonne_lisboa_lisbon_Sunset_Top things to do_see_discover_city trip_Que faire_a voir_coucher de soleil_miradouro_alcantara_ponte 25 de abril

Then from below by walking along the tejo river by the docksLIsbon_Lisbonne_lisboa_Topt hings to do_see_discover_Under the bridge_underground_alcantara_No tourism_Sunny sunday_25 de abril_cycling or walking_no car_direction belem_que faire_avoir

LIsbonne_lisbon_lisboa_Under the brigde_Tejo river_along the doks_From the other side_Top things to do_see-Discover_Que faire_A voir_Tourism_city trip_Alcantara

And from the side by walking by the marina.

LIsbonne_lisbon_lisboa_top things to do_see_discover_sunny sunday_by the marina_Alcantara_Along the tejo


If you feel like going to Belem, you can cycle or walk there

Discovering the small alternative coffee shops

lisbon_lisboa_Lisbonne_Top things to do_Sunny sunday_Fun track_By the docks_alcantara_Que faire_A voir

Discovering the very famous  Belem tower

LIsbonne_lisbon_Lisboa_Belem_top things to do_see_Discover_Que faire_A voir_Tower_Tourism

You can take a lunch break at the “O navegador” for some fresh fish

LIsbon_lisboa_lisbonne_Restaurant_salmon_Gastronomy_belem_o navegador_try_Que faire_Que gouter_ou manger

And finally stop for one or several Pasteis de nata of Belem (who are the best of Portugal only because they are baked all day long – Watch out, pictures from 2014 -)


pasteis avec sucre et canelle


To discover the Alcantara area a bit more

Have a look at the cemetery. I always say that visiting the cemeteries is important to understand the culture of the country you visit. Portugal is a very catholic country, therefore silence and calm are more than recommended here.

LIsbonne_lisbon_lisboa_cemetery_Top things to do_discover_see_underground_city trip

Visit LX (for  Lisboa) factory, an old factory turned into an alternative place where you can find restaurants, a bar in a librairy, a tatoo shop, a barber, an exhibition room, contemporary dance lessons, yoga lessons, pastries, a co-working area… But pass by the LX factory before 7 pm as everything is closed at night there.

Lisbon_Lisbonne_Lisboa_LX factory_Underground_Top things to see_do_visit_Tourism_city trip_Place to be_Que faire_A voir

And to discover more about the west side of Lisbon

Visit the Jardim botanico da ajuda… Gorgeous and very calme.

LIsbon_lisboa_lisbonne_city trip_discover alcantara_Que faire_A voir_Tapada das necessidades


For the more classical and touristic places to visit

In between the two worlds, you’ll find 2 nice little parcs (Jardim da estrela and Jardim amalia rodrigues), a beautiful miradouro (miradouro do parque Eduardo VII) and a very nice small stylish restaurant serving old style portuguese recipes, a fabrica imperial.

Vitela_Fabrica imperial_Lisbon_lisboa_lisbonne_Top things to try_taste_Do_Discover_gastronomy_restaurant_tourism_city trip

Bacalhau_Fabrica_imperial_Top things to try_do _discover_taste_city trip_lisbon_lisboa_lisbonne_Gastronomy_Restaurant


And for the center of Lisbon… Watch out, Pictures from 2014 again !

Bebedouro – rua sao nicolau, 24 – and its ports tasting. The owner of this wine bar is a super dynamic guy and he will, for sure, give you its passion and his taste for the different nice ports, wines and beers he knows and serves in his bar. DO NOT hesitate with the tawny port 20 years… A very nice place for a perfect evening, definitely more than recommended!

Tasca Bela – Rua dos Remedios, 190 Our first taste of Lisbon’s typical food. Order their delicious octopus salad and broad beans tapas with a bottle of wine and a ruby port to nicely end the evening while listening to music… Nice atmosphere and excellent combination to start a city trip.

octopus salad Lisbon Portugal

Walking along the 28th tram line. ! Warning : Lisbon is a very sloping city, avoid high heels and opt for a comfy pair of sneakers !

Houses & Vespa_Lisbon_Portugal

Tram 28 Lisbon - portugal

Taste the « Bitoque » at the restaurant Casa da India – Rua do Loreto 49 – A place « awesome but chaotic » as my portuguese friend who recommended me this restaurant described it.
Casa india Bitoque

Try the best chocolate cake of the world (says our landlady). Landeau – Rua das Flores around the n°111 – at the top of the street. The Genoise is ok but the real secret of this devil cake lies in the chocolate mousse between the 2 slices of genoise… Subtle and tasty, the texture is perfect! This cake is definitely to be put in the “to die for” category! Although it’s not exactly part of the Portuguese food heritage, this chocolate cake is worth tasting.

gateau chocolat Landeau



To discover a bit of the Alfama

« Miradouro » at Alfama area to see the sunset. You should avoid going to santa Luzia as most of the guide recommends but prefer to go to – Calçada graçia 19 – stop a few minutes/hours… and then go to – Calçada Monte 41/Rua senhora Monte 50 – which is one of the highest spot in Lisbon… Take a few beers and snacks with you and you’ll have a perfect beginning of evening!

panorama beleveder

And have a coffee at Café arts, a very nice coffee shop exhibiting interesting, cool and unknown paintings

Lisbonne_lisbon_lisboa_Top things to do_see_try_coffee_nice place_Alfama_Arts cafe


And for a pretty finish, this is a very touristic activity where you won’t hear anyone talking portuguese

Spend the day in Sintra to visit the castle and the gorgeous gardens.

Take the train at Rossio station in the city center «Estação de Caminhos de Ferro do Rossio » – Rua 1 de Dezembro – and stop at the very last stop. Don’t take the bus and walk to the castle, It’s easy to find and the walk is pleasant… too bad in these conditions to be packed in a tourists’ bus.

Red and Blue castle of Sintra Lisbon Portugal


And anywhere, you go, don’t forget to have a look at the colourful walls…

Da Estaçao Alcantara-Mar (close to the ponte do 25 de abril or on the way to Belem)

LIsbonne_lisbon_Lisboa_Street art_Underground_alcantara mar station_Tramway_graffiti_top things to do_see_discover_Que faire_a voir

of the street art murals you can find all over the city
And for my favorite murals :

This map is for street art only, zoom on Portugal and then on Lisbon and click on any point of interest and you can see my picture… Easy ! And if you’d like me to feature a piece of work you’re working on or you like or to add the name of an artist I didn’t know, contact me ==> eatstowest@gmail.com

Lisbonne_lisboa_lisbon_Street art_Einstein_Fresque_top things to do_see_discover_A faire_que voir_2017_Tourism

Lisbonne_lisboa_Lisbon_street art_Graffiti_Top things to see_Discover_kid crying_2017

of the wonderful Azulejos covering the houses’ walls also a bit hidden everywhere in Lisbon

Lisbonne_lisbon_Lisboa_Azulejos_blue_Tiles_carrelages au mur_Top things to do_see_tourism_2017

Lisbonne_Lisboa_Azulejos_tiles_Carrelages_Top things to do_see_discover_2017


Enjoy !


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