The pomegranate adventure – Iran

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One day in the pomegranate world…

Like I said in my last recipe article, I’ve spent a few days in the desert where I finally took the time  to enjoy another face of Iran… Indeed, Iran is not only made of blue mosques and mud villages, you can also find deserts, agriculture and wonderful persons there.

Meeting Massoud was a real pleasure. I share with him several of my passions and values, traveling, cooking, my curiosity for agriculture, eating, environment etc… His family has a pomegranate field in Fahraj and we went there to help them pick the fruits. It was not always easy to know wich one was ripe or damaged and on wich basket to put it but after 3 hours of picking it was getting easier. After that we went back to the hostel with a few kilos of damaged pomegranates that we turned into pomegranate sauce (or “grenadine sauce” like they say in turkey). It’s been 3 months that I’m trying to find someone who knows how to make it… you can imagine my excitation.

I’m not going to lie to you, we cooked the pomegranate sauce too much and I now have a kind of pomegranate caramel… But at least now I know the process !

POmegranate_Fahraj_IranThe field of Fahraj and the kilos of pomegranate freshly picked

Pomegranate adventure_POmegranate trees_Fahraj_Iran_fieldMassoud’s family working hard

pomegranate adventure_field_Fahraj_IranMission accomplished ! The team.

pomegranate peeling_team work_Fahraj_Iran_cooking
Back at the hostel, everybody helps to peel the fruits (picture copyright :

pomegranate seeds_fahraj_Iran_cooking_recipeA few hours later… (picture copyright :


And to make the pomegranate sauce, squeeze the fruits to only get the juice (take out the pulp and the seeds) and cook it for hours without adding anything. It’s ready when the sauce starts to become dark and foamy (white foam). The final texture is supposed to look like maple syrup