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Make a meal in the middle of the jungle without any tool or any ingredient except fish and a knorr bag… yes it’s possible !

A few days ago we went to the jungle for 3 days of trekking. We were in a group of 10 persons (erf…) and the main idea was to discover the jungle and what life looks like in this jungle and in the ethnical villages around this area. Yes it was a touristic thing to do but No we don’t regret our choice as the group was very nice and the guide terrific.

What was on the menu for our first lunch? Banana tree heart, fish and laotian “cabbage”…

Ingredients : 

  • 1 long bamboo stick (available in the jungle)
  • 6 banana leaves (available in the jungle)
  • 1 banana flower (available in the jungle)
  • 2 big banana tree hearts (available in the jungle by cutting a banana tree at its base – Note : The banana tree regenerate itself where it has been damaged)
  • 1 kg of laotian cabbage leaves ==> tastes more like spinach though but they call it cabbage in english (available in the jungle)
  • 1 handfull of green chili (bought in the market)
  • 6 young onions (bought in the market)
  • 10 laotian “eggplants” ==> small purple balls which taste more like zucchini than eggplant (bought in the market)
  • 1 handfull of green beans (bought in the market)
  • 1 bag of dehydrated broth knorr (bought in the market)
  • 3 fishes (bought in the market)

And don’t forget the essential : THE MACHETE ! It’s a path finder, it cuts banana trees, bamboos, help you shape kick-volleyball balls, flutes, pots, pans with these bamboos… It’s the One and only tool.

Preparation : 

  • Make a fire.
  • Cut one segment of the bamboo keeping one node and keeping the water inside. Put this freshly made pan directly in the fire and wait for the water to boil.
  • Meanwhile :
    • Take off the pink leaves of the banana flower to only keep the white part inside. Cut it into pieces.
    • Cut the banana tree heart in small pieces.
    • Chop the young onions.
    • Make spoons with the banana leaves.

  • When the water finally boils, add : The knorr broth, the pieces of banana flower and banana tree heart, the onions, the eggplants, the green beans, the chilis and mix from time to time with a wooden stick.
  • Put the fish on a spit and in the fire.
  • put the laotian “cabbage” leaves inside of a banana leave and put it in the ashes.
  • Cut another segment of bamboo keeping 2 nodes this time. Cut it lengthwise between the 2 nodes in order to get a plate where you’ll be able to serve the soup.

banana flower_Jungle_Luang namtha_Laos_Top things to do
Banana flower.

Plam heart_Jungle_luang namtha_Laos_top things to do
Banana tree heart.

Jungle kitchen_Luang namtha_Trekking 3 days_Laos_top things to do
Fire installation.

Cooking in the jungle_Experience_Luang namtha_Laos_Top things to do
Laotian cabbage leaves in a banana leave closed properly with its own stem.

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Jungle table_Kitchen_Cook in the jungle_Luang namtha_Trekking 3 days_Laos_Top things to doMeal is ready !