To do : 6 days cycling trip from lisbon to Caldas da rainha – Portugal

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Trip along the coast, through the surf spots, the castle of Obidos and the amazing and underground Caldas da Rainha… All in one !

My favorite cycling trip is still the one we followed in the center of Portugal but here with this trip along the eurovelo 1, we’ve been amazed by the diversity of landscapes and activities. Beaches, cliffs, hills, countryside paths, historical village, lake, fortresses… and even on the food side we have had some surprises, picnics, snacks, taverna, bistronomy and gastronomy with on top of this an awesome night spent in Caldas da rainha discovering the art of cocktails… such a perfect trip before heading home !

If you’re tempted by the adventure, follow the guide :

In green and red the starts and stops of the eurovelo sections. In brown the available camping spots. In blue the points of interest out of the sections. And for downloading the GPX and make your own map, it’s here !


Lisbon – Cascaïs

Along the railway until one of the most touristic city of the coast of Portugal. It was not so easy to find the right path here because of all the one-way-streets and the slalom in between tourists and surfers… but both parts until Belem and after Cascaïs were definitely worth the pain.

Cycling_Eurovelo 1_Portugal_Lisboa_Lisbon_ride the coast_castle_railway


Cascaïs – Ericeira

Discover the most western spot of Europe. This part of the trip was extremly windy and often on car roads without any space for bicycles but it was still gorgeous and surprising. (For pretty landscape pictures, skip this section since we were under the clouds when we cycled there).

Cycling_Portugal_what to do_see_cabo da roca_Lisbon_Lisboa_Que faire_A voirCabo da roca – The most western spot of Europe

Cycling_Portugal_Windmill_Top things to do_see_cabo da roca_Lisbon_Lisboa_Que faire_A voir_old styleOld windmills transformed into homes

Cycling_Portugal_Eurovelo 1_coastal ride_top things to do_see_Ericeira_que faire_ A voirEriceira


Ericeira – Sainta Cruz

This is where the real adventure begins ! The route is a bit tough since the eurovelo is not exactly well designed and sometimes goes on path that would even be difficult to walk. Be aware you will need to change your way and allow yourself a few little detours if you still want to see the gorgeous spots.

Cycling_Portugal_Ride on the coast_Wild_Nature_Eurovelo 1_Top things to do_see_Que faire_A voir_blue sky
beach of Sao lourenço, absolutely not bicycles friendly but really gorgeous

And not swimmers friendly either…

Cycling_portugal_Eurvelo 1_Fail_Coast ride_Wild nature_middle of nowhere_Que faire_A voir_Top things to do_seeThis was supposed to be a eurovelo path… well, it’s impossible to ride this one but the view is still breathtaking there.

Cycling_Portugal_Path_Top things to do_see_coat ride_Eurovelo 1_Pretty landscape_Que faire_A voir
Gorgeous road along the praia de Cambelas

Cycling_Portugal_Eurovelo 1_Path_Road_Detour_Beach_coast ride_Top things to do_Que faire_ A voir_foz do sizandro
And the Eurovelo keeps being surprising with this amazing and beautiful praia where you’ll have to cross the sand for about 15 to 20 minutes… But it’s worth it… REALLY !

Cycling_Portugal_Foz do sizandro_Path_detour_coast ride_Discover_Top things to do_ Que faire _A voir
The inside branch of the Sizandro


Santa Cruz – Peniche

Countryside and fortresses…

Cycling_Portugal_Path_Cycling road_Eurovelo 1_Discover_Top things to do_Que faire_A voirThe hills of Porto Novo

Cycling_Portugal_Castle_Fortress_Coast ride_Topt hings to do_see_Que faire_A voir_Forte no Lugar de Paimogo
Forte no Lugar de Paimogo / Forte de Nossa Sra

Cycling_Portugal_Fortress_Door_top things to do_see_que faire_A voir_Peniche
The forteress “Forte da praia da consolaçao” (on top)… And the light house of Peniche at night (bellow)


Peniche – Foz do Arelho

Through Obidos, the very well preserved and gigantic citadel…

Cycling_Portugal_Nature_Wild_Coast ride_Baleal_top things to do_see_Que faire_A voir
The very cool small town of “Baleal” and its wild cliffs

Cycling_Portugal_path_coast ride_lagoa de obidos_beach_sand_top things to do_see_que faire_ a voir
Where Obidos’ lake meets the atlantic

Cycling_POrtugal_lagoa de obidos_Along the lake_Top things to see_Que faire
Around lagoa de Obidos

Cycling_Portugal_Obidos_castle_fortress_Topt hings to do_see_que faire_A voir
Little detour to visit Obidos


Foz do Arelho – Caldas da rainha

Our plan was just to rest and take the train back to Lisboa in Caldas da Rainha but thanks to Instagram, we have been led to a “work in progress” street art spot and our curiosity did the rest. We ended up spending a full day chasing street art and we actually spent one of our favorite day of this trip.

Cycling_portugal_Cadas da rainha_Street art_2carryon_Secret spot_Graff_Top things to do_see_Que faire_a voirFresco by @2carryon – Work in progress – More to come on the blog about street art in Caldas

Cycling_Portugal_Caldas da rainha_end of trip_Eurovelo_street art city_top things to do_see_Que faire_ A voir
Little and well deserved break in the parque Dom Carlos I

The ONE tip not to miss

Have supper at “Raizes“, a very cool bistronomy style restaurant in the parque dom Carlos I, where you’ll try delicious cocktails made by a very talented and passionate mixologist. He will make sure to follow your tastes and food choices and can even offer a tasting style experience. If your traveling budget is not too tight, just go for it and let these two brothers surprise you with their vision of what gastronomy should be.

Cycling_Portugal_Caldas da rainha_Raizes parque_Restaurant_Bistronomy_Discover_top things to try_see_Que faire_A voir

Cycling_Portugal_Caldas da rainha_restaurant_Raizes parque_Salmon burger_Top things to trySalmon burger

Cycling_Portugal_restaurant_Raizes parque_ Caldas da rainha_Tartelette_Pie_Goat cheese and poached pear in gin_Bistronomy
Little pie with goat cheese mousse and poached pears (in Gin)… Amazingly delicious !

Cycling_Portugal_Restaurant_Raizs parque_Top things to try_Cocktails_Best monday ever_Pear cocktail_A faireOne of the many cocktails served by “Zé” to make us understand the difference between two mixing methods with the exact same recipe… Very impressive !


And after all the fun… It’s time to go home  !

Cycling_Train_comboio_Caldas da rainha_lisboa_Street art comboio_Train and graff_Top things to do