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Ready to GO! But where do I go, when and how long?

Update – 8th of July 2015 : Because of a major issue with my Iranian visa, I’ll go in Egypt instead of Iran.

It’s time to stop thinking and to take the final decision, here is my itinerary, and I hope it will be full of surprises, challenges and discoveries.

  • Turkey (1 month)
  • Georgia (1 month)
  • Lebanon (1 month)
  • Iran (1 month)
  • Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand (4 months, I’ll travel overland there)
  • Korea (2 months)
  • Japan (1,5 month)
  • NYC (2 weeks==> Special bonus to see my friends there and decide if I want to keep going for an extra year around south America or if I’m ready to go back to Europe)

Around Asia and middle east  trip Itinerary


But it has been a long decision making process…

I had a few phases based on different needs and desires. But to finalize my itinerary, I had to go over my constraints one last time:

  • 12 months only (ok 12 countries is a maximum)
  • Only destinations with a culinary culture (I added Georgia, Iran and Korea 6 months ago after a discussion with foodie blogers at the 2nd BFF event… Sometimes, some people you meet for a few hours are the ones who help you take the most difficult and impacting decisions in your life)
  • Have some time to work in a restaurant (or 2) of my choice (ok 10 countries instead of 12, to buy me 2 extra months for an internship)
  • Spend the entire year with a sunny weather to avoid taking heavy winter clothes with me (Start the 1st of July instead of the 1st of October… No 2nd session to pass my exam at school though)
  • Concentrate on Asia as it is where my heart belongs (OK the road trip in south America will wait a bit longer)
  • Go back to the countries where I feel I could live forever and confirm (or not) this feeling (Laos, here I come)


I’ll tell you in 18 months if that analyse/strategy was the good one !


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