A gourmet restaurant in Vietnam?!?

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No tight budget tonight, we’re going to a gourmet restaurant in Mai chau, vietnam

After a very difficult time crossing the laotian border (hitchhikking) we had a few days of the magic combo : Bed, snacks and sleep.

We finally put our shoes back on, filled our bottles with water and hit the countryside for some hikking in the mountains. On the way back, we passed in front of the “ecolodge” of the village where you can find a restaurant with a 6 set menu… I couldn’t believe it !

Max, we’re going to take a shower, put our nicest trekking trousers on and a lot of perfume… tonight it’s gourmet restaurant ! YAY !!!

To make it quick: it wasn’t the best vietnamese food ever but it was easy, and sometimes “easy” feels good after more than 5 months on the road.

  • The food was quite tasteless for something vietnamese… but for once it wasn’t spicy.
  • The place felt very fake (more resort than ecolodge) with the fact that they force their waitresses to wear the old traditionnel clothing of the Thaï tribe even if no one wears it anymore in the entire region. And for a place called “ecolodge”, they use electricity to light the entire place and they have a huge swimming pool, ligthed at night too… no comment.
  • But the  price was quite ok as we payed 250 000 dong per person for the 6 sets (+ 15% of charge) when we usually pay 50 000 dong for a plate of rice and meat in a more classical restaurant.

Sorry in advance for the very bad quality of the pictures, I didn’t have enough light and I forgot my gorillapod at the GH.

Tofu soup_Ecolodge_Mai chau_Vietnam_Vietnamese food_Top things to do
Tofu soup.

banana blossom salad with shrimpsBanana blossom salad with shrimps.

fried duck with black pepper sauce_mai chau_Ecolodge_Restaurant_Vietnam_THings to tryFried duck with black pepper sauce.

steamed fish in bamboo_Restaurant_Mai chau eco lodge_Vietnam_Top things to try
Steamed fish in a bamboo roll.

Fried noodles with chicken_restaurant_Gastronomy in vietnam_Ecolodge_mai chau_Vietnam_Top things to
Fried noodles with chicken.

Sweetened black rice with yogurt_Mai chau_Ecolodge_Restaurant_Vietnamese gastronomy_vietnamSweetened black rice with yogurt.

In the end, it wasn’t the best vietnamese food ever but we had a very nice and quiet night for a change which gave us some strength back to keep going with the adventure… And this is all that matters !



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