Recipe : Smoothie, 100% fresh fruits, strawberry and basil, no sugar !

Version française

For a fresh start every morning from spring to summer…

One of the best ressources here in Portugal is without a doubt the quality and abundance of fresh and local fruits. It is so wonderful to bite in a juicy tomato or strawberry in April and discover what a huge difference it will make in a recipe.

And because we love to treat ourselves well everyday… It’s smoothie here every morning !

smoothie_Fraise_banane_Orange_Basilic_Strawberry_Banana_Basil_Healthy drink_breakfast_vitamins

Ingredients (for 2 glasses the size of a “water glass”):

  • 1 banana
  • 1 orange
  • 6 to 10 strawberries
  • 5 cl milk
  • One handful fresh basil leaves

Preparation :

  • Cut the banana into chunks.
  • Squeeze the orange into juice.
  • Remove the stalk from strawberries and cut them into two.
  • In a blender (blade at the bottom of the bowl) add fruits chunks, orange juice and blend at high speed.
  • Add basil and blend at medium speed.
  • Add milk and blend one last time at low speed.
  • Pour into glasses.

Tips : To make sure you can enjoy your smoothie as cold as possible, take the milk out of the fridge at the very last moment. And for those who prefer an even smoother texture and a bit of sugar you can use vanilla ice cream instead of milk.

And for a perfect breakfast in the weekend why not going for a piece of belgian craquelin and a bowl of homemade Granola together with your smoothie ?

Enjoy !


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