Recipes : My 5 favorite winter soups

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5 super easy recipes to make delicious winter soups

You can make a soup with any vegetable or any combination of vegetables. There is no danger to do some funcky mix, just follow your istinct, the seasons and a few simple rules :

  • To make a good blended soup you need a thickener : Potatoes, rice, peas (chickpeas, fava beans…), roux (flour  and butter), flour alone, cornstarch… All these methods to thicken a soup add a taste or a texture. Potatoes will add a rough sensation on the tongue, rice brings a very soft texture, peas bring a relatively strong taste and the methods using flour will bring a taste and a heavy sensation on the tongue. You need to choose the one that fits the best your idea of the final taste and texture then.
  • For a more tasty soup, using a member of the onion-shallot-garlic family is recommended.
  • For more taste, chicken stock is recommended too but it will bring salt and slightly hide the raw taste of vegetables, therefore, you might again want to choose what fits best your idea of the final taste.

Helpful tips :

  • If your soup is too thick at the end of the process, add water and blend again.
  • If your soup is not thick enough at the end of the process and you don’t want to add anymore thickener, reduce it. Water will simply go out leaving more taste and a thicker texture.


My 5 favorite recipes in case you’re looking for some ideas : 

Click the images or the links below for the recipes

Soup_Recipe_carrot and potato_Tartines_Toasts_Pesto_Tomate_Chevre_Goat cheese_Tomatoes_olivesCarrot and leek, the easiest soup recipe on earth

watercress_cresson_Soup_soupe_Winter food_RecipeLeek, broccoli and watercress : Strong flavours for a super green soup.

Soup_Recipe_Ginger and pumpkin_Gingembre et potiron_Soupe_Winter food_Comfort
Ginger and pumpkin for a south-eastern Asia twist in your winter soup

Beetroot_Betterave_Soup_soupe_recipe_recette_Foodie_winter food_hivernalBetroot and parsnip for a soup pink and soft like a candy

Recipe_recette_soupe_Soup_Lentils_onion_Leek_Carrot_Lentilles_oignon_poireau_carotte_vegetarian_vegan_VegetarienFor an eastern twist in your soup : Lentils, carrots and cumin soup !


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