The faces of Kyrgyzstan

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No Food today, just a few pictures of my trip in Kyrgyzstan ^^
I went there with 3 great friends of mine, 2 of them being together (as a couple). We met in Mozambique 3 years ago while they were traveling one year around the world. Both are good photographers and they have a blog full of beautiful pictures…

Thanks to them, I can show you what Kyrgyzstan looks like, and if you like both photography and travelling, you should have a look at my friend’s pictures gallery:

Kyrgyzstan - Old man in a car

Kyrgyzstan - woman of the fergana valley

Kyrgyzstan - Man with the kyrgyz short hat

Kyrgyzstan - Man with the kyrgyz hat

Kyrgyzstan - Woman with a head scarf

Kyrgyzstan - young boy

Kyrgyzstan - Man with the real and bright kyrgyz hat

Well, for the last one, I should tell you that there are so many horses in Kyrgyzstan that I thought a horse portrait would definitely have its place in a Kyrgyz portrait gallery ^^:

Kyrgyzstan - Sleeping horse



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