7. ATW : I am a piece of toilet paper… what about you?

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A very simple metaphor for a change…

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I have a story that has nothing to do with cooking but I’d like to share it very badly. It took me time to be ready to write it as I didn’t know how important it was for me but when I wrote my article (only in french sorry) about how I feel after 8 month of travel and that I used the words “I’m almost ready”, I suddenly realised how this metaphor of me being a piece of toilet paper was actually the beginning of everything and the starting point of my next adventure.

When I was at Gaia (the Ashram in thailand where I spent one month learning more about permaculture and natural building) I’ve been asked to take 15 minutes outside, choose something from nature that could be me and explain how this thing could be related to me.

Everyone brought back a flower, a stone, a leaf, a branch, more or less colourful, more or less alive, more or less big… And I came back with a little piece of toilet paper.

Toilet paper is entirely made by the society in order to cover a primary need which is hygiene, you can’t find it on trees or anywhere in nature. In other words you can easily say that it has been made by men to serve society. But, what is great about toilet paper regarding its evolution is that at the end of its life, it always goes back to earth, it recycles, it can even be compostable (new word : that can be recycled via a compost process). Toilet paper has therefore 4 phases : Being an absorbent paper when it goes out of the factory – Here it has potential. Being a piece of waste after being used – Here it is /has been useful. Being “papier-mâché” when it enters the decomposition phase  – Here it is on its way to transformation – And last but not least being nature again and going back to earth after natural recycling or compost – Here it is transformed.

Like toilet paper I’ve been a product made by men in order to serve the society and trust me I’ve acquired a lot of potential to finally fight in battles that weren’t so spectacular. But, in a way i’ve been useful to the society I was part of. The process took 30 years, 20 years on a shelf waiting for my turn and 10 years of action, of being sullied for the needs of society (I’m not blaming anyone, I agreed to do so). My ability to absorb wasn’t so good, I finally got soaked and I started to travel to look for a solution to jump to phase 3. And this is the day I found this metaphor, that I actually understood that my decomposition process has started 4 years ago when I called the ceria (my cooking school) and asked what was the difference between the discovery course and the course leading to a qualification… If the process has been very slow at the beginning (so slow that you can’t even realise it) it increased with an exponential speed and the change is now more obvious, easier, and quicker days after days. Suddenly everything is in place, clear and bright and the questions leave the space to be filled by energy. And this is exactly what I meant in my article after traveling for 8 month when I said “I’m almost ready !!!”

And you, what would you be if you had to find something in nature that could represent you?

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