1. ATW: Decision taken

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The 1st of July 2015, I’ll be traveling from Turkey to Japan for one full year!

OK, here I am, my fare is planned and paid, the date of departure is set, my boss knows about my trip and the fact that I’ll just leave the company mid 2015… In 6 months and a half, I’ll be in a plane for Istanbul !!!! YAY !

I can’t wait for this incredible adventure to start. I’ll have one year to travel the east part of the world with no job, no rent, no money, no comfort. It will just be me, free as a bird, and with the feeling that I’m finally accessing my dream and that I’m finally doing something that really looks like me and makes me happy.

Do you wonder why?
For a ton of reasons like “It’s been 10 years that I dream about it” or “to launch my new life with an incredible human adventure” or “to spend – once in my life- 365 days of summer” but my reasons are also something like:

  • To learn the maximum about the world cuisine methods.
  • To discover the taste and the smell of middle eastern and asian cuisine
  • To discover all the vegetables and spices I don’t know yet and understand how they work depending of the cooking method I use or depending of what they’re cooked with
  • To fill my mind with images from everywhere in the world and feed my soul with new culture and habits.
  • To be able to call the way my school taught me how to cook – Classical french cuisine being the center of the pedagogy – into question
  • To learn how to cook with my heart and feelings and stop following methods and rules
  • … And also to tell and share through this blog the entire story so that anyone who is interested in cooking and doesn’t have the chance to live this adventure can still have a piece of it.

And yes there is also: Put my mind in danger for once, Take my time to live, live for my passion, live my dream… etc.

The circumstances of this one year trip (6 month before the D-Day)

  • I go alone and I’m a woman
    Well, I won’t lie, it’s a first for me. I’ve always wanted to travel the world but I thought it would be a project I’d do with my lover. But as long as I don’t have a lover anymore, that I’m an independent woman and that I’m not going to wait for a man to realize my dreams, I’ll be traveling alone with my big backpack, my knives and my passion! And trust me it’s a bit scary at first when you start thinking of it and then it’s just super overwhelming.
    I’ve traveled a bit already in eastern Europe, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Mozambique, Colombia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan…  but always with someone. But this is how I discovered that alone it seems to be possible too and actually less risky than living in a european capital all by myself. I’ll just take the fake wedding ring I bought in Kyrgysztan with me and a headscarf and go as I am.


  • I leave my country for one full year
    One year of summer, one year of discoveries, one year of cooking… And possibly a few days of troubles but to be honest I usually find trouble the best way to meet the most incredible persons and to jump into the most incredible adventures.


  • I leave with the objective to learn world cuisine (methods, recipes…)
    I don’t exactly have a proper plan for that, I’ll just try to find a few internships in restaurants, I’ll knock at the door of anyone willing to share a food moment with me, I’ll go talk to any smiley person at the corner of any market, I’ll go see if I can find anyone in the fields to teach me everything they know about this vegetable, or this one, or this one… I’m just eager to see, understand, discover and try as much as I can.


Well, anyway, now there is no turning back, the decision is taken and the plane tickets are already in my pocket… And trust me it’s an amazing feeling !

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