A perfect day in Caldas da Rainha – Portugal

Version française

We thought we were going to rest… But we’ve been curious !

What we thought Caldas da rainha was : A little town very quiet where we could rest after 5 days cycling the portuguese coast… But what we really found : A small town full of positive energy and creative people, very underground with a touch of craziness and simplicity, exactly what we’re craving for !

Here we are street art, gastronomy and cocktails…


Start by a street art tour

So many murals to see that we haven’t been able to see them all… No problem, we’ll come back, count on us !
Zoom on Portugal and then on Caldas da rainha (west side of Portugal, north of Lisbon) and follow the guide to see our favorite pieces of work. You can see a picture on each spot… Hours of work on my side, yes, enjoy !

Note: This map is still under construction as at some point it will reference all the street art pieces we’ve seen during our 2 years of travel. For now on, anything out of Caldas da Rainha, Covilha or lebanon might not be accurate. And if you’d like me to feature a piece of work you’re working on or you like, contact me ==> eatstowest@gmail.com

Caldas da rainha_Old lady_Street art_Fresque_Fresco_Top things to do_See_Que faire_A voirGorgeous figurative mural on an old building, impressive by its size and the quality of details. We saw other work from this artist in Covilha (for example) but we still don’t know who this person is. If you know the artist’s name or instagram, we’d be forever greatful to hear about it !

Caldas da rainha_Street art_Clown_Camara municipal_town_Discover_Top things to do_see_Que faire_A voir

Caldas da rainha_Street art_Young boy_Camara municipal_Top things to do_see_Que faire_A voirEven the camara municipal goes with the underground flow here !

Caldas da rainha_Street art_Skate park_Town_Discover_top things to do_see_Que faire_A voir

Cycling_portugal_Cadas da rainha_Street art_2carryon_Secret spot_Graff_Top things to do_see_Que faire_a voirWork in progress by @2carryon. A bit far from the center but sometimes, when you’re very very curious, a little detour is worth it…

Caldas da rainha_Street art_the old tree man_Portugal_Topt hings to do_see_Que faire_A voir

Caldas da rainha_Street art_embrodery_Shoe_Topt hings to do_see_Que faire_A voirBecause urban art is not only about painting or graffitis…

Caldas da rainha_Street art_the clown lady_Town_Top things to do_see_Que faire_A voir

Caldas da rainha_Street Art_Bees_abeilles_Wasp_Guepe_vespa_Top things to do_see_Que faire_A voir_Portugal

Caldas da rainha_Street art_by 2carryon_Fresque_fresco_Corbeau_raven_Crow_corvo_Top things to do_see_Que faire_PortugalWork by @2carryon

Cycling_Train_comboio_Caldas da rainha_lisboa_Street art comboio_Train and graff_Top things to do
And last but not least, even the train leaving Caldas are on the “street art” mood… Perfect !

Then go for a walk in “parque dom Carlos I”

Cycling_Portugal_Caldas da rainha_end of trip_Eurovelo_street art city_top things to do_see_Que faire_ A voir


And let the temptation lead you to “Raizes”

A very cool bistronomy style restaurant in the parque dom Carlos I, where you’ll try delicious cocktails made by a very talented and passionate mixologist. He will make sure to follow your tastes and food choices and can even offer a tasting style experience. If your traveling budget is not too tight, just go for it and let these two brothers surprise you with their vision of what gastronomy should be.

Cycling_Portugal_Caldas da rainha_Raizes parque_Restaurant_Bistronomy_Discover_top things to try_see_Que faire_A voir

Cycling_Portugal_Caldas da rainha_restaurant_Raizes parque_Salmon burger_Top things to try
Salmon burger

Cycling_Portugal_restaurant_Raizes parque_ Caldas da rainha_Tartelette_Pie_Goat cheese and poached pear in gin_BistronomyLittle pie with goat cheese mousse and poached pears (in Gin)… Amazingly delicious !


Cycling_Portugal_Restaurant_Raizs parque_Top things to try_Cocktails_Best monday ever_Pear cocktail_A faireOne of the many cocktails served by “Zé” to make us understand the difference between two mixing methods with the exact same recipe… Very impressive !

Here you go, first cocktail of a delicious serie… Sorry for the zoom in/zoom out effect on the video, it seems that my smartphone had difficulties to adapt to the light there but I had to publish at least one of my videos of “Zé” working on our cocktails… It looks so easy when he does it, right ?!?

Caldas da rainha_Cocktails_Raizes parque dom carlos I_Restaurant_Foodie experience_Cocktail discovery_PortugalResult… Tadaaaaa !


Now… Caldas this summer ?!?