Bami king – The vietnamese fast food

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When it doesn’t come from the US… What does junk food look like?

Regarding Brussels, I tried to answer this question last year by trying a few burger restaurants, fish’n chips, I started an investigation on the best french fries in brussels, and I even visited the food truck festival… It seems that talking about junk food in Europe as nothing to do with fast food as there is no such thing as “fast” when it comes to eating. The products are usually fresh, from the area (I didn’t try all the kebab and durum shops though) and often homemade (I’m thinking about the buns for the burgers in a few burger restaurants for example).

But what about junk food in the rest of the world?

Today, I tried for you, junk food in Vietnam… At Bami king !

Bami king_Vietnam_Son La_Fast food_Top things to discover

Let’s avoid any confusion with the american king of burgers that has a similar name or don’t take the pictures inside the restaurant as a proof of what you could find in the menu, there isn’t any burger in this place. You’re more in something like a sandwich paradise… Wich is already very exotic for vietnam. On the menu there is not much to help you find what you want to eat as the names of all the propositions start with “Bami mix” 1, 2, 3 etc.. depending on what you have inside. Because I don’t speak vietnamese I tried an anxious “sandwich ga” to say “chicken sandwich” and the answer was “mix chicken and other”… “Well…ok” And that was it. I finally almost laughed when I received my order.

Bami king_vietnamese fast food_Things to discover_Sandwichs in vietnam_culinary specialities

This was not less than 5 different kinds of meat that was in my sandwich with chicken, fried pork and something like pork brawn. The other ingredients will stay somewhere between the unknown and the not to be remembered departments of my brain. To be honest, the taste was very good, a bit sweet and savoury with enough spices to make it vietnamese. It was worth the try.

French fries_Bami king_Vietnam_Son La_Fast food_Top things to discover

Regarding the chips, they were cooked on a pan with chop sticks… No comment needed, I think I spent 15 minutes watching the girl doing it and asking myself if one day I’ll be good enough with chop sticks to try such a cooking experience…

kitchen_bami king_vietnamese fast food_Sandwichs and french fries_Son La_Vietnam

And on top of being amazed by the cooking tools, I loved the kitchen. Simple, as if you were at home (but actually I was) and very cosy… When I think about all the rules and laws that the Afsca (regulatory institut) in Belgium creates everyday I can just dream of a 2 tier system where the rules could be very strict for the big companies that buy food in huge quantities and always play with the cold chain and easier rules for the very small companies which use fresh products. I’m pretty sure the web would take care of the addresses where the products are not good enough anyway…

But most of all, what I’ll remember about this vietnamese fast food which, like all other vietnamese restaurant, can’t escape the rule, is

Cooking and business are a family matter !

And this is in team that life is organized there. In one side, a few are cutting and folding paper for the take away, on the other side, they are cooking or taking care of the deliveries. Everybody sings, laughs, answers the phone, takes pictures, surrounds the foreigners and last but not least everybody eats on the biggest table in the middle of the guest room… Yes because in the end, in Vietnam, customers eat in the living room of the owners !