Portrait – Joe, a young lebanese chef and his dream

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Cedar’s heaven, The story of a dream slowly becoming reality

Joe, a young lebanese chef in his 30’s, finishes his 11th touristic season in Bcharry this autumn.

After his grand-mother died, joe inherited of a land in Bcharry, on the old road of Ariz. There, a beautiful view of the entire Qadisha’s valley where the sound of civilization is enable to reach your hear, no electricity, no water… A little piece of paradise.

cedar's heaven_Bcharry_church_top things to do cedar's heaven_bcharry_view point_Things to do_lebanon

In 2003, he starts to dream of a quite crazy project in which he would open a restaurant on his land and where he would enjoy cooking franco Lebanese fusion style dishes. In 2004, he finally goes for it. 2 dishes only on the menu (Eggs with meat and Tomato & cheese sausage) 3, 4 tables, a few chairs and funny conditions to cook… the dream becomes reality.

cedar's heaven_Bcharry_Restuarant to try in lebanon

Life is not always easy there even if the conditions are improving every year. On top of other things, the 13, 14 employees have to pay attention of not wasting water, also in the kitchen, they have to prepare everything everyday as the restaurant is not equipped with a real cold room (even if the restaurant can welcome around 150 persons now), only a few fridge, the same you would find in your own kitchen. However, everything is well organized, the restaurant and its reputation keep growing and the customers always come back to taste the new discoveries of Joe’s cuisine who is absolutely inflexible with his recipes and the quality of the products he serves.

I personally tried 2 of his dishes, the Mtabal and the sausages in Grenadine sauce… I loved it ! Like everybody else, I’m already a big fan.

Mtabal_Moutabal_Cedar's heaven_Bcharry
Mtabal or Moutabal cedar's heaven_Sausage and grenadine sauce_Bcharry_Lebanon_things to doSausages marinated in grenadine sauce (pomegranate sauce)