Chicken stew, a recipe from the countryside – Laos

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Kill, prepare and cook a chicken with nothing more than a pan and a knife…

Check ! Welcome to Laos.

Laos is definitely more adventurous than any other country visited before and after our 3 hours of rice harvesting, we’ve been invited by Souk and Suong to have diner at their home.

Not even 1 minute after we arrived and took off our shoes, one of the chicken was already caught at the game of “come eat my rice I might catch you, strangle you and eat you if I can”. We joined the “party” and slowly discovered what a cooking experience in a farmer’s house looks like while being watched by the neighbours through the door. It was definitely interesting to see the distance that the european way of life put between us and the animal we eat and how natural it is to kill, cut, empty and cook a chicken when you have guests at home for a laotian family. The food was delicious and our hosts certainly one of the nicest couple in the region.

Kitchen_Luang Namtha_Village_Homestay_Laos

Ingredients : 

  • One chicken
  • Two young onions
  • One handful green and red chili peppers
  • One handful Coriander
  • One handful of this asian herb that tastes a bit like lemon grass
  • Salt
  • 1 kg sticky rice


Prepration : 

  • Dunk the chicken into boiling water to help you pluck it
  • Burn the paws directly in the flame and pull out the skin like you would do with socks
  • Same process for the beak and take off the last small feathers with a knife
  • Rinse thoroughly
  • Remove the eyes, open the beak and remove the palate and the skin of the tongue and the cheeks
  • Cut a few of the chicken parts before cooking : Cut the paws, the legs, cut the skin from the neck and open the “belly” to empty the chicken from its entrails
  • Keep the heart, the kidney, the liver, empty the stomach and the top of the intestine, rinse them, put it all in a pan together with salt and a young onion and cover

Chicken traditional laotian way_Recipe_Luang namtha_Laos_Top things to try

  • Steam the rice (this cooking process helps it to become sticky)

Sticky rice_Old fashion way_Lunag namtha_Recipe_LaosKitchen_ sticky rice pot_Family cooking_Lunag namtha_Laos_Top things to try

  • Mash the chili peppers together with salt and coriander
  • As soon as the chicken is ready, cut it into pieces but keep the bones attached to the flesh and put it back in the broth
  • Add the lemon grass kind of herb, coriander, young onions, salt and black pepper before serving

This recipe has to be eaten with your fingers, your mouth and a spoon. Make small balls of rice with your hand and dunk it into the chili paste, eat the chicken directly with your mouth and drink the broth with your spoon.

Bon appetit !