Churchckela – The georgian treat

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100% natural and very fun to make : Churchkhela, 100% Georgia !

When you travel, it’s rare to find something sweet which is not industrial or full of chemicals. In Georgia it’s possible. I’ve discovered how to make this national treat and I’m already a big fan of it. It’s very good and actually very useful if you go trekking as the combination of fruit sugar and dried fruits is a perfect boost of energy. While making it with Nana, I’ve also found it very fun and I’m sure it can be a very good activity to do at home with kids to learn the base principles of cooking, how to thicken a preparation and the drying processes… But I hope you can find kids who are very patient because the drying process has to last at least 3 days !

Ingredients :

  • 2 L grappe juice. 2L is a minimum because you need the preparation to be deep enough to plunge the walnuts inside. Grappe is for the trdaitionnal recipe but you can use any fruits juice.
  • 2 tea cups flour
  • Walnuts (for the traditionnal recipe but any nuts would work as long as you can thread them without breaking them).
  • Cooking string
  • A needle
  • Something for the drying process – With Nana we used a few thin board of wood and 2 chairs.


Preparation :

  • Break the walnuts into 2 or 4 pieces and thread them on a string with a needle until you get a garland long of around 30 cm.
  • Make a knot at each side of the string while keeping an empty space as big as the width of your wooden board for the drying process.
  • Find the center of the garland and hang the entire thing by this point to be sure it will work when it’s done.
  • Mix the fruit juice and the flour with a whip and put this on the fire.
  • Never stop stiring in the mix until you get a thick dough that sticks a little bit to the spatula and looks like jelly (but not transparent).
  • Leave it on the fire for another 5 minutes without stiring in it.
  • Take one garland by the string at the center and plundge it into the dough. Use the spatula to make sure you entirely cover the walnuts with the dough. Start over for the other garlands
  • Hang the garlands at least for 3 days. You can use the rest of the dough as fruit jelly, cut it into small pieces and eat them with a yogurt or cut them into round shapes and use them as cake decoration…



Churchckela_Walnuts_Recipe_Step by step_Ambrolauri_Georgia



Churchckela_Step by step_Recipe_Georgia

Churchckela_georgia_Recipe_Result_Step by step_Ambrolauri

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