DIY : Homemade coconut milk – Thailand

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… Only possible with fresh coconut !

A special thanks to May for sharing this secret with me! 

Making your own coconut milk is super easy and quite fun to do… If you’re in south east asia where you can find fresh coconuts everywhere in the markets. In Europe, It gets a bit more complicated except if you can find fresh coconut somewhere.

Let’s say you have a fresh coconut in front of you…

Step 1 : Open the coconut into 2.

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First, you want to remove the shell made of fibers that surrounds the coconut. You can use a machete or a small cooking axe (hatchet?) to do so. Don’t hesitate to remove all fibers from the coconut if you want to make wooden bowls afterwards.

To properly cut the wood into two, start by “showing” the way to the wood by knocking with the machete all around the coconut. After a while knock harder on one point and the wood will separate exactly where you repetedly knocked.

Take the “baby coconut” out of the coconut. This small coconut is actually a brand new coconut tree in the making. You can eat it, it’s sweet and full of coconut water.

Step 2 : Get the coconut flesh out of the shell.

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In south east asia, people use a small stool with a serrated wheel to grate the inside of the coconut by putting a vertical pressure from down to up to the shell. It’s ok to have a bit of brown skin with the coconut flesh, it’s edible as long as it’s not wood.

Step 3 : Get the cream out of the coconut flesh.

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Add a glass of warm water (25 cl) in the coconut flesh. Mix it and knead it until the coconut flesh is completely soaked. Press the soaked coconut flesh on top of a strainer. Stop the process when the coconut flesh is dry again. This first creamy and very white milk is called coconut cream and has a perfect texture to make “sticky rice with mango”.

Step 4 : Get the milk.

Same process with the same coconut flesh but this time with 2 glasses of water. The milk will be less creamy and clearer, it will have the perfect texture to make a curry.