Wandering cooking workshop… READY !

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From the 18th of July to the 15th of september, book a private cooking workshop at home !

Curious to know more about world street food or to discover some granny’s secrets about product trasnformation ?

No need to be a cooking expert, the workshops are for anyone, beginners, fond of cooking, just curious… No discrimination, the idea is to have fun while sharing cooking tips altogether.


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ME : I go from Brussels to  St Paul 3 châteaux passing by Paris, Lausanne, Annemass, Briançon and Grenoble, cities where I have friends I haven’t seen for one year or so and it’s time to change this. I do the trip on my bike for environmental reasons, to take my time, to discover or rediscover the Europe I like and to extend the adventure a little bit. And I take with me my cooking tools, my enthusiasm and my adventures, fresh in my head to share a piece of my travel with you…

YOU : You want to share a moment with me and discover a few things I have learned during my round the world trip? Easy :

  • You make sure I pass by the place where you live (Paris, Lausanne, Annemass, Briançon, Grenoble, saint Paul trois châteaux (or surroundings))
  • You pick a date based on my itinerary
  • You invite a few friends, colleagues, family members who are pumped to share this adventure with you (From 3 to 6 persons)
  • You choose one of the 2 workshops :
    • Street food : We cook and eat together a ramen burger from New York, a few yakitori from Japn, some Pajon from south korea (4h for the full workshop – but you can choose to do “ramen burger” only or  “pajon and yakitori” for a 2 hours workshop)
    • Product preservation (slow transformation) : We prepare together and you go home with your jars of “confit d’oignon”, “onion jam” (nope, this is not the same) and korean lemon Hyoso… (We can change one of the french recipe for the egyptian pickled lime recipe, please check with me by email. This workshop is 2.5 hours)
  • You contact me on eatstowest@gmail.com to make sure it’s all good for everyone and I send you in exchange the workshop modalities (material, budget…)
  • I come at your place on the D-day with everything we need to cook and to share our travel stories

What do you think ?