Cosmetics – Indigène – Brussels – Portrait

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“indigène” 100% natural soap, made in Brussels !

I’ve met Eva and Francesco at the environment festival in Brussels beginning of june… What a lovely surprise ! I automatically recognized my kind of speech into theirs, except that they talk about cosmetics when I talk about food. But in the end we all talk about environment, well-being and sustainability.

Indigene_savon_soap_brussels_bruxelles_Local_sustainable_no palm oil_durable_pas dhuile de palme

Eva is a biomedical engineer and Francesco a pharmacist and they had the idea of making their own soap while traveling. They slowly got tired of this very long list of “bad” and unnecessary products they were using on their skin through the use of industrial cosmetics (paraben which is oestrogen-like, sulphates which are very irritationg for the skin, ingredients from the petrochemical industry and silicone which is not environment friendly at all) and they got very curious of the DIY experience of making something on their own.

They started with their neutral soap – without essential oils – and their families and friends were so enthousiasts that it pushed them in the direction of producing more and trying new recipes… And this is how indigène slowly came to life. Now they have an entire assortment of soaps, shampoos, skin exfoliations and body oils…

They are still making their batches in between two customers, two days of work (indigène is still not their primary activity… We all have to pay the bills right?!?) and two product presentations but they are putting all their hearts and passion to it. The big smile on their faces when they tell their story is certainly one proof of that. All products used in the production process come from the organic farming agriculture, there is no palm oil, mineral oil, preservative, animal fat, or bee wax in Indigène. In a few words, indigène is good for the body and the planet !

To know more about indigène, discover their web site or their facebook page (both in french) and to order their products, send an email to