The culinary specialities of Georgia

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Something very new for my European palate but delicious when you know what to look for

I didn’t expect the recipes to be based on a spices mix of walnut, fenugreek, marigol, coriander and parsley but this is definetily what the georgian cuisine tastes like and I love it.

It’s not always easy to find a good place to eat and on the other way round it’s very easy to find some very cheap street food bread thingy like Kachapouri (stuffed bread with cheese) or lobiani (stuffed bread with dried beans) but this is not what I was looking for here in Georgia. In my opinion, the family type of food is far more interesting.

This article is certainly not exhaustive as I spent a lot of days trekking in the mountains and didn’t have the full month for restaurant hunting… But I’m sure i’ll be back, at least at Nana’s and Sopi’s !



Eggplant salad with walnut_Georgia_BatumiKakliani badrijani – Eggplant and walnut mousse.

Eggplant salad_Feel georgian food_Restaurant Mestia_Gerogia_SpecialitiesEggplant salad with red pepper, spices and mayonnaise. You can also find a version with tomato instead of red pepper wiwh is even better.


Main courses

Ojhakuri_Gerogia_Batumi_SpecialitiesOjhakuri – Porc, potatoes, onions, red peppers and herbs (coriander and parsley) with a butter sauce.

Ostri_Georgia_Mestia_Svaneti_Meat and tomato sauceOstri – Beef soup with a tomato flavour.

Kupati_Georgia_Specialities_Mestia_restaurant feel georgian food
Kupati – Porc sausage

Khinkali_Georgia_Dumplings_Kutaisi_SpecialitiesKhinkali – Dumplings stuffed with beef (or spinach, potatoes or mushrooms but the most common is beef)

Gupta_meat balls_Georgia_Racha_AmbrolauriGupta – meat balls and tomato sauce

chackockbili_Beef and walnut sauce_Gerogia_Speciality racha
chackockbili – Beef stew with walnut sauce.

Trout_georgia style_Cheese and vegetables_Georgia_BatumiTrout filled with cheese and vegetables.


Side dishes

Ketsi_Gerogia_Mushroom with cheese_BatumiMushrooms on”ketsi” – Ketsi is the name of the plate where you cook the mushrooms filled with cheese.

lobio parki_ready_Georgia_Racha mountains_AmbrolauriLobio Parki – Beans and tomato sauce.

Jomi_Rice_Racha_Ambrolauri_georgiaJomi – Rice and corn flour.


Tchourchkhela_Sweet treats_Friandise_Georgia_Specialities_Grappe_WalnutChurchkhela– Grappe juice and walnuts.

Svaneti salt_Georgia_Mestia_specialitiesSvaneti salt – Seasonning made with white salt, garlic, coriander, dill, fenugreek, chili, marigol and cumin.

Limonade - lemonade_Made in georgia
Lemonade – Made in Georgia and available in different flavours : Lemon, Pear, Vanilla, Aragon, Grappe.