Edible flowers in a salad… WOW !

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Flashy colors, elegance and surprising taste… Flowers will always find a way to surprise me !

I discovered all these edible flowers and plants when I was wwoofing in the “Quinta do Barbeito” a 2 hectares botanical garden in the north of Portugal where Guy Miklos, a permaculture expert and botanical lover was hosting us. I’ve been able to taste and mix all of them even if we were already in October, and now I just can’t stop thinking about the spring hidden gems available there… To be continued !

edible flowers_salad_foodie_Portugal_Monte redondo_Wwoofing_permaculture_farming



  • Thulbagia violacea (a tiny violet flower with a very powerful garlic taste)
  •  White hibiscus
  • Abutilon
  • Abutilon megapotamicum (A red flower with a yellow pistil growing on shrubs and looking like a small bell with a rather sweet flavour)
  • Canna hybrid
  • Salvia elegans (Red sage flower with a very soft taste, rather sweet)
  • Rhumex (plant with a lemon flavour)
  • Lepidium latifolium (plant with a very powerful flavour of mustard or horseradish)
  • Rosemary flower
  • Olive oil
  • Salt
  • (Vinegar and mustard if you feel like a vinaigrette type of dressing… but be careful it doesn’t take over the flowers’ taste)

Preparation :

  • Take off the green part of the hibiscus flowers by pinching both sides of the flower between your fingers.
  • Rince gently, if needed, the rhumex’ leaves and any flower that needs it.
  • Take off the pistils of all flowers if you have someone allergic to pollen around the table, otherwise leave it.
  • Prepare the dressing on a separate bowl and serve it directly in each plate just before eating so that the flowers don’t fade too quickly.


Edible flowers_Salad_Gardenning_Gardening_Farming_Hibiscus_wwoofing_recipe

Together with a tomato and basil salad freshly harvested from the garden, you’ll tell me if you can resist the urge of picking your own food too…

Enjoy !