Portrait: Fidan, 64 years old, Adana, Turkey

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Fidan, nature and traditions !

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Adana_Fidan et Ali_heaven corner_Turkey

Fidan and Ali, her husband, both originaly come from Tunceli (Old name : Dersim), a city in the kurdish part of the country. Coming from a family of farmers, Ali was supposed to receive the lands of his parents when he would be ready. But due to a sad family story, he has lost his lands when he was only 9 years old. This is why, together with Fidan, as soon as they were married, decided to go south in the region of Adana to make their family and built their life.

Ali and Fidan have never bought a house. When they arrived in Adana, they found a farm (house + land) that looks like a little heaven and which belongs to a man from the area. They don’t pay for the rent but take good care of the lands and make sure the house gets old as well as it should.

They bought lands in the region of Tunceli in order to build their own house one day. But for now, they are still very busy at home and go east only for holidays.

There is no cow anymore in the farm as this kind of big animals require too much energy. Fidan don’t make yogurt or cheese anymore though but she’s style very busy taking care of the chickens, the garden and making all the different wonderful spices and culinary preparations that I discovered with her.
Pulbiber (chili), dried mint, Kusburnu (dried Cranberries and jam), Sumak (a spice for which I’m still looking for a translation), Green or black olives, Yufka (Very similar to Lavas, this bread is just a bit bigger) and also a lot of other recipes for which we didn’t have enough time.


Here are a few of her secrets

Olives : Crush and slit a little bit around the stone. Put it in salty water for at least 2 months. This is the recipe to make any olives, green or black. Then, before serving them, you can put them in olive oil together with dried herbs like thym, rosemary etc. this way, you improve the taste and you have a perfect way to keep them for weeks in your fridge.


Pulbiber_Chili flakes_flocons de piments_epices_Turquie_Spices_turkey

Pulbiber : Cut the chili into pieaces and let them dry under the sun on a canvas cover, chop them and store in a jar.


Dried mint_Turkey_menthe sechee_turquie

Mint: Let the leaves dry under the sun, crush them a litlle and store in a jar.