Teaser: Wandering cooking workshops !

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Teaser : What’s next ? Eats To West on the road again !

Here we go, I’m finally home since last wednesday and I can’t wait anymore to share with you my plan for the summer. You didn’t think I was going to come back, ask for money to the bank, build a house and go back to work right ?!?

Let’s be honest here, this new challenge is not going to be easy but to reconnect myself with you guys and with Europe, I’m going to wear my best cycling shorts and appron, to take my favorite japanese knives and my bicycle  and meet you in a few of the big french speaking cities of Europe. My trip will start in brussels and will end in the very famous city of Saint Paul 3 châteaux (Well…) and on the way I’ll cross Paris, Briançon, Grenoble… (The project is still under construction, I’ll give you all the details and final destinations in a few days).

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The idea…

Me : I move from Bxl to St Paul going through the big cities where my friends live to share a moment with them. I do it on a bike for environmental reasons, to take my time, to discover or rediscover the europe I love and extend the adventure. I take my cooking tools with me, my enthousiasm and my travel stories to spend a moment cooking and chating with you guys.

You : You live in one of the cities where I’ll stop (My final itinerary is coming soon) and you want to learn more about world street food or product transformation ? You find a few friends/family members/lover(s), you invite us (your friends and I) at your place for a few hours and i’ll share with you the secrets I learned on the road these past 12 month (a fee will be asked to cover the price of the ingredients).

The 2 workshops available (more details soon) :

  • Street food : ramen burger from new york, japanese yakitori  and south korean Pajon.
  • Product transformation : Indian paneer, The difference between french “confit d’oignon” and french onion marmelade and the korean Hyoso.


What do you think ? Ready to jump into this new adventure with me ?