Istanbul vs Disneystanbul

Version française

Real or touristic Istanbul, let’s do the presentation

Disneystanbul, the city of gold

It’s a city where you can find some of the most beautiful mosques in the world, where people are absolutely helpful and charming and where you can find whatever you need. You’ll see no poverty, no hunger, you’ll pay the european price for everything that you need and in the end it will look as if the city was only made of Gold, mosaîc, palm trees and music. Even if there is between 7664 and 12029 persons per square kilometer, you’ll only see white people or asian with shorts, tops and a huge camera around their neck. Even if it’s ramadan time, you’ll be able to eat and drink during the day, you’ll have no problem to find alcohol in the shops around you and you’ll even be able to find thousands of restaurants opened at anytime.

In one word, Istanbul is made for “tourists” !

Isanbul_blue mosque_City of gold_TurkeyThe blue mosque.


Istanbul as disneyland_Touritic area_tourist presentLamps made with glass.

Istanbul city of gold_paradise of tourism_purses_grand bazaarPurces from the grand bazaar.

Istanbul_city of gold and tourism_grand bazaar_SpoonsSpoons from the grand bazaar.




Istanbul, the coloured city of smiles

Istanbul is the most-populous city of Turkey, serving as the place of residence of over 18% of the county’s inhabitants. Istanbul is a transcontinental city in Europe and Asia, located between the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara in northwestern Turkey, 64.7% of whose residents live on the European and 35.3% on the Asian side. Within city limits, Istanbul has an area of between 1166 and 1830 km2, it is the administrative center of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (coterminous with Istanbul Province), which covers an area of 5343 km2, both areas hosting a population of around 14 million residents.

In the real Istanbul, people are helpful too but only if you ask for help. The houses are coloured but not made of fake gold and mosaic. The kids are running, shouting and playing football and not begging for money or hiding from the police. A pide cost 9 lira and not 22 and a botlle of water (1.5L) 1 lira and not 2.5. You can find turkish people in the streets and not Kazakh. During ramadan, the stores are closed as most of the café and restaurants.And you can buy your tea or flowers at a very cheap price and in a “supermarket” as the bazaar is now a touristic concept and not a public market.

Istanbul_non touristic part_Turkey_TravelEastern Sultanahmet.

Istanbul_living area_Non touristic part_SultanahmetEastern Sultanahmet – sattelite neighborhood.

Istanbul_Kinds garden_Non touristic part
Eastern Sultanahmet – Kids’ garden.

Istanbul_non touristic area_Taksim_galata_turkey
Taksim, next to the galata bridge.

Istanbul_ramadan time_closed shop in the main street_Non touristic area
Western Sultanahmet – 2 o’clock PM  during ramadan.Istanbul_Turkish tea and spices wholesallerTea and spices wholesaler in Sultanahmet.


And now, which Istanbul would you like to visit ?
No need to choose, just don’t forget to visit both…