Kars, city of honey and cheese – Turkey

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Kars, the city of cheese and honey

Kars_Cheese and honey-shop_Turkey


I didn’t expect so many cheese and honey shops in Turkey before arriving in Kars… And then I was eager to buy myself a few things and have a proper picnic. This is when I meet Sarah and Joachim, 2 very nice and smart Belgian who were sharing my cheese and honey passion for the day.

We therefore bought some Kasar peynir, tel peynir, bal (honey), melon, bread, yogurt and water… And that was certainly one of the best picnic of the month.

Kasar paynir_Fromage_Cheese_speciality_Turkey_TurquieKasar Peynir

Bal_Miel_Honey_speciality_Turkey_turquie_KarsBal – Honey


Honey – Family business

After our picnic, I was so curious about that honey that we tried that I went on a “mission”  behind the castle. I found there Sali and Vedat, two turkish cousins coming from a small village close to Trabzon . They usually bring their bees in Kars from May to end of July to make their honey a little bit more flowery and also because the temperature in Kars is more comfortable for the bees at that moment. (Trabzon is very close to the sea which means hot and humid while Kars is in the mountains wich means hot and dry days and very cold nights)

They have 200 beehives each and their honey is really good, definitely natural and therefore infinitely better than industrial honey. Turkish beehives are very different from western european ones. I don’t know what is the impact of this difference on the bees and their productivity or health but I let you see by yourself with the pictures here below.

Kars_Turkey_Bal_Homemade honeyBehind Kars’ castle.

Kars_Bal_Honey_Homemade_TurkeyVedat sitting on one of his Beehive. (BTW, sorry for the blurry effect, I did something wrong with my camera but this is the only picture I have of my “host”).

Kars_Homemade honey_Turkey_Bal_FamilyTurkish beehive – outside

Beehive inside_Kars_Honey_Bal_TukeyTurkish beehive – Inside


Then, without speaking the same language, we manage to understand each other and to discuss everything you can find on this article. This doesn’t look much but trust me, at my side it felt like a master achievement.

They offered me some tea and honey and I’m sure this afternoon is going to be one of my favorite highlight of my travel.