Top 10 curiosity in Kyrgyzstan

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A big thank you to all my followers who played the “what is this” game with me on my facebook page these past 3 weeks. And congratulations to Veronique who is the winner of this Kyrgyz game session.

Central Asia is really different from Europe…

REALLY different… but it’s exactly the reason why we want to go there.

KFC_Kyrgyz fried chicken not kentucky fried chicken_Kyrgyzstan_BishkekKFC: Kyrghyz Fried Chicken…

green radish_trot_retka_Kyrgyzstan_Bishkek“Trop” in Kyrgyz, “Retka” in Russian and this is a green radish. And I’ve tried it and it indeed tastes like radish, a bit spicy but less spicy than the classical red one we used to find in our gardens.

Kurut_kyrgyz cheese_Kyrgyzstan_Bishkek_Och bazar Kyrgyz cheese_kurut_Kyrgyzstan_Bishkek_Och bazar“Kurut”: Small pieces of cheese. Goat cheese or cow cheese, don’t follow the shapes or the smell, just ask by trying this :”Salam, is this “moo” or “Baa”?” (Yes, you’ll be ridiculous but it works perfectly)

funchoza or starch noodles_Kyrgyzstan_Bishkek_Och bazar“Funchoza” or noodles made with starch, commonly used in the lagman preparation (this, also being a curiosity by itself ).


Chuchuk or Kyrgyz sausage made of animal fat_ Kyrgyzstan_Bishkek_och bazar“Chuchuk”, a bit like what we call “Saucisson” but with the fat and the meat less mixed together.

Makcbim or the kyrgyz national drink made of fermented corn_ Kyrgyzstan _Tamchy_issik kul“Makcbim” (in Russian and in cyrillique) is the national beverage made with fermented corn. It’s strange for a European mouth but it’s pretty good in the end.

sugar rocks_kyrgyzstan_Och_bazarSugar rocks that you can break and use in your tea or coffee. Beautiful isn’t it?

Apple or leather_ Kyrgyzstan_Bazar_ArslambobApple that looks like leather… Kids eat it as if it was a candy, remember? ==>

haribo ruban

chewing tobacco in kyrgyzstan _ Och Bazar in Bishkek Chewing tobacco_ Kyrgyzstan_ Bishkek_ Och BazarChewing tobacco

Kymyz_horse fermented milk_national kyrgyz beverage_Naryn
And this is the last curiosity, “Kymyz”, which is another national drink: Horse fermented milk.