The culinary specialities of Kyrgyzstan

Version française

The specialities in Kyrgyzstan were not always ‘”foreigners friendly” but always a discovery



You’ll find them everywhere in Kyrgyzstan but the best are in the restaurant called “Chaikhana Jalal-Abad’ in the center of Bishkek.
These are dumplings stuffed with onions & mutton meat or spinach or pumpkin (it was on a menu). Almost whatever you like but mostly with onions and mutton meat.

Manthy - Kyrgyzstan - Karakol - National dish

To see how the Manthys are made/closed (Karakol area, in a yourt camp called “golden Yurts” next to the broken heart and the 7 bulls):



Lagman :

You’ll find them everywhere in Kyrgyzstan too.
This is noodles and Funchoza (starch noodles) + vegetables cooked in a salty broth
For the recipe its here

Lagman - Kyrgyzstan - Karakol - National dish

To see how the Funchoza are made in a real Kyrgyz restaurant in the city of Osh in the south west of the country:



Brisol :

We started to see this in the eastern part of the country but I can’t say for sure that you can’t find one in the other areas of the country.
It’s a crepe made with Omelet stuffed with a steack, onions, tomatoes and other unidentified vegetables. It’s covered with Kyrgyz mayonnaise and ketchup. If you feel a junk food emergency coming, a Brisol is what you need.

Brisol - Kyrgyzstan - Kotchkor - national dish



Varenik :

We saw them only in the western part of the country. Around Arslanbob area.
It’s a small boiled dumpling stuffed with mashed potatoes, onions and coriander . It’s closed like a tortellini and before being served it’s fried with onions
Recipe and “how to”? Here it is

How to fold a varenik - Kyrgyzstan - Arslambob - National dish

Varenik - Kyrgyzstan - Arslambob - National dish

Varenik boiling - Kyrgyzstan - Arslambob - National dish

Varenik and fried onions - Kyrgyzstan - Arslambob - national dish




(The picture is not from me but from another blog where you can find the recipe and a great how to). You can find it anywhere in Kyrgyzstan.
It’s a triangle of pastry stuffed with onions, garlic and mutton meat or beef meat



Xachan (Xawah in Cyrillic) :

We only saw it in Bishkek
It’s a small fried bun stuffed with onions and mutton or beef meat

Xawah - Kyrgyzstan - Bishkek - national dish

Opened Xawah - Kyrgyzstan - Bishkek - National dish



Shashlik :

You can find it anywhere in Kyrgyzstan and nothing more than a chicken/beef/mutton Kebab
For the recipe its here

Shashlik _ Kyrgyzstan _ Karakol _ National dish



Beshbarmak :

You can find it everywhere in Kyrgyzstan.
This is the first thing we ate on our first day. It’s pasta cooked in a salty broth and on top you can find boiled onions, small pieces of mutton meat, big pieces of mutton fat and a piece of “Chuchuk” with is a sausage in which the fat and the meat hasn’t been mixed. When you go to Kyrgyzstan, I recommend you start with Manthys or Samsa before trying something like the beshbarmak.

Beshbarmark - Kyrgyzstan - Bishkek - national dish




(in Russian and in cyrillic) is one of the 2 national beverages. It’s fermented  and made with corn.

Makcbim or the kyrgyz national drink made of fermented corn_ Kyrgyzstan _Tamchy_issik kul




which is the other national drink: Horse fermented milk.

Kymyz_horse fermented milk_national kyrgyz beverage_Naryn