Lau bo, the beef fondue, vietnamese way

Version française

The “Lau Bo”, It’s like a beef fondue but it’s healthier and vietnamese 

“Lau” for fondue, “Bo” for beef, “Ga” for chicken and for the other words, we still don’t know their translation but you can find a Lau with seafood, frogs, eels or the super combo: all in one…

Ingredients for 2 persons : 

  • 2 litres of chicken or vegetables broth
  • 10 black mushrooms
  • 2 tomatoes
  • 1 handful of coriander
  • 2 sliced onions
  • 2 choped garlic cloves
  • 3 red peppers
  • 1 handful of lemongrass cut into small sticks
  • 1/2 white cabbage
  • herbs like basil, mint…
  • 500 g white mushrooms
  • 500 g fresh tofu cut into cubes
  • 500 g beef sliced into pieces
  • 1 pack of ramen noodles
  • Salt
  • Soja sauce mixed with choped red pepper

Preparation : 

Lau bo_Beef fondue_fondue de boeuf_Vietnam_Mai chau_Specialities

  • In a pot, add the broth, the black mushrooms, the tomatoes, the coriander, the onions, the garlic cloves, the red peppers and make it boil.
  • Put the pot at the center of the table together with lemongrass, cabbage and herbs and something to keep the pot warm. Add as mush lemongrass, cabbage and herbs as you want.

Lau bo_Beef fondue preparation_Fondue de boeuf accompagnement_Vietnam_Specialities

  • After 10/15 minutes of intense boiling, bring the meat, tofu, white mushrooms, noodles, salt and sauce together with the colander to cook the meat.

Lau bo_Mai chau_Vietnam_Specialities_Fondue de boeuf_Beef fondue

  • Put the cubes of tofu directly into the broth together with the white mushrooms in order to let them take the taste of the broth and vegetables.
  • When ready, cook a bit of meat with the colander and eat it with the sauce or a pinch of salt and repeat the process. The vietnamese usually cook the meat for quite a long time but for us a few seconds were enough. You can have vegetables and some broth together with your meat by using the small bol put on the table for each guest.
  • At the end of the meal, you can cook the noodles directly into the broth and eat it with the remaining vegetables.

Super generous, super good and rather healthy for a fondue… After one month of a laotian noodle soup diet, Lau feels like we’re back to business !