lemon grass peanuts… WOW – Vietnam

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The only recipe learned in ta van

As explained a few times in my article about our voluntering experience in Ta van, my recipe of the apple and cinnamon tea or the one of my apple pie… Entering a vietnamese kitchen is much more difficult than expected

But I managed to take this recipe, super simple but so good, for you… or maybe for me… but we can share.

Lemon grass peanuts_Sapa_Vietnam_Hmong family_Top things to try


Ingredients : 

  • Fresh peanuts
  • Fresh lemon grass
  • Fresh kafir leaves
  • Soja oil
  • Salt


Preparation : 

  • Slice the lemon grass and tamarind leaves thinly
  • Fry the peanuts in soja oil keeping their red skin
  • As soon as the skin becomes bright red and a bit brittle and the peanuts very hard, add the lemon grass and kafir leaves in the oil
  • Fry the mix for another 2 to 3 minutes until the leaves become brittle too
  • Take the peanuts out of the heat and dry them
  • Salt generously and store in a metal, plastic or glass jar

Lemon grass peanuts_Recipe_vietnam_Sapa_tavan_Bambou bar_hmong family