Little Havana : My favorite restaurant in Istanbul

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My favorite turkish restaurant in Istanbul

Istanbul is such a big city that it’s very easy to be lost and to take the easy option when lunch or dinner time comes. You’re in the touristic area, there are many options around you, all selling the same pide, pizza, dürüm etc, and here you go, they call out to you “hey, may I help you, do you want lunch? we have beautiful terrace here…”  OK you’re done, you accept, you have an horrible pide which is not even made bith the proper type of bread in a proper oven but you indeed enjoy a beautiful view… I’ve done it myself too my 2nd day… It’s OK, it happens, it’s called tourism.

It’s hard to find little restaurants or cafés selling really good and homemade food. But very close to the little ayasofia (kuçuk ayasofia) is one very tiny café that really deserves to be known : Little Havana.


If I remember well, Little havana is just in front of Asmali hotel. The place is owned by a couple. The wife is the one cooking and the husband will serve you and give you advices in english. My favorite dish from this place was definitely the manti but you can also find some typical turkish dishes like mezze (with vine leaves… sooo good!), lamb (Kuzu Güveç), chicken or vegetarian casseroles and stuffed eggplants.

+ “some of the best pastries” apparently but I didn’t try them.


Manthys… #istanbul #turkey #food #worldcuisine


Une photo publiée par Eats To West (@eats2west) le

A plate of Mantis with a yogurt sauce, some chili petals and mint (and not Manthys like you can see on my instagram picture)

c-Manti_Turkish specalities_Specialites turques_Istanbul_Turkey-c1 Manti (this is a little pasta stuffed with lamb meat and spices)

c-feuille de vigne_Turkish specailities_Specialites turques_Istanbul_Turquie-cVine leaves



Don’t hesitate a second, you won’t regret it.