Matsoni – yogurt, Georgia

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Matsoni : The georgian yogurt, my favorite food for breakfast

I’ve been told that the bacteria used to make Georgian yogurt (fermented milk) were different from the bacteria used in the bulgarian or greek yogurts. It’s apparently what makes it soft and not too sour. I didn’t find the name of these bacteria on the web unfortunately. But when I’ll be ready to make my own yogurts at home when I’ll be back, I might need to go back to Bulgaria, Greece and georgia to buy some real homemade yogurts and collect my little bacteria this way.

In the meantime, here is the process to easily make a Matsoni yogurt without any machinery.


  • 1 tsp of natural yogurt from a previous fermentation (matsoni)
  • Half a liter of cow milk freshly taken from the cow itself
  • 1 glass jar

Preparation :

  • Boil the milk in order to kill the bad bacteria and avoid any risk of diseases
  • Keep the milk slightly warm and put it in the jar
  • Add the Matsoni and mix it with the milk
  • Cover, in this order, with a wooden board, paper from a newspaper and surround the jar (or the jars) with warm blankets like woolen blankets
  • Leave it like this for 4 hours without touching it at all

After 4 hours it’s ready you can eat your yogurt or put it in the fridge. You can add sugar, honey, fruits, jam or whatever you like in this yogurt.