Miryang’s tears… Korea

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Building 95 km of transmission towers and creating a social crisis…

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This is the beginning of the terrible story of Miryang…

Miryang (To be pronounced Myliang), is a city that grows, grows in the south east of south korea, a country that grows, grows and only see huge concrete buildings replacing the hanok traditionnal houses, exercise benchs blooming everywhere along the rivers and in the parks replacing flowers, trees and natural bushes, and transmission towers being the detail that completes the mountains’ lanscapes, slowly replacing the fields to satisfy the energy needs of a population that is always more connected.

In 2005, In order to replace a few of the charcoal power plants, the first nuclear power plant is built in Guri and is followed by 95 km of the most powerful transmission towers in the world : 765 KV. On top of taking the electricity from one point to another, these towers are built by the government in order to test their implantation process before selling this new method all over the world. But these towers are quite scary as nothing grows around them because of the magnetic fields and if you come closer than 10 m from the cables you can die or suffer terrible physical injuries.

And this is not the only problem. This beautiful necklace of towers also crosses the country no matter the mountains, fields or villages. The government project is covered by a korean law that gives it the right to requisition any land from anyone as long as it’s for a big major national building project like a train, a highway, a dam etc. Only 30% of the market price is paid to the owner of the land (and we’re only talking about the owner and not about the manager of the land who receives nothing).

The reason why the towers have to cross Miryang is because of a deal made by the government with a “very important person” who didn’t want these towers to pass by its village/house and who made sure the initial energy road plan was changed and the towers build close to his neighbors’ village instead of his.

All this is far too many lies, secrets and too much corruption for the people of Miryang. They want clearer explanations, excuses from the government and the companies involved in the project and, in the meantime, to stop the building process of the towers. In 2008, the old farmers of Miryang decide to build a defense house and to chain themselves to it. The police got unfortunately involved into the fight and 3000 policemen came one day for a very aggressive operation and broke the chains together with the defense house and a few shoulder bones, hip bones etc…

In 2012, a desperate man decide to set fire to himself hoping the media would talk about Miryang’s story and things would change. The media got involved but unfortunately it was too late and the construction of the 765 KV tower ended in 2014.

Today, only half of Miryang’s farmers have received a compensation for their loss. Life is now back to normal in the fields but the fight against the government and the companies who operate the transmission towers has just began.