Noodle soup at every corner – Laos

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Noodle soup as the best street food speciality? Yes, welcome to Laos !

Anywhere you are or you go (except maybe in the jungle) you can expect to find at least a noodle soup in the street or in any open house. Noodle soup is always a safe bet as on top of being cheap (15 000 Kip – 1.5 €), it’s very good !

Noodle soup_Laos_Luang prabang

Ingredients :

  • Asian noodles
  • young onions
  • Soya bean sprouts
  • Coriander
  • Salad
  • choped tofu, chicken and beef
  • Chicken broth – Very salty
  • Black pepper
  • Green chili, peanuts and green beans (optionnal)

Noodle soup_Lady in the street_Luang prabang_Laos

Preparation :

  • Prepare a pot with chicken broth and another pot with boiling water
  • Chop and cut all the ingredients
  • Cook the tofu, chicken and beef directly in the chicken broth, a few minutes (even a few seconds)
  • Cook the noodles a few minutes in the boiling water
  • Prepare the plates with all the ingredients :

Noodle soup_Preparation_Luang prabang_Laos_Top things to try

  • Pour the remaining chicken broth into the plates, add the pieces of meat and black pepper
  • Serve with peanuts, green beans and green chili.