pickled lime – Egypt

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Pickled lime, a real middle east thing

Ingredients :

  • Lime
  • Nigella seeds (also called “black cumin”)
  • Salt
  • Safflowers (also called fake safran)
  • Jar

Preparation : 

  • Cut the limes in 2 or 4 (depending of what you like) without separating the pieces. Keep the juice.
  • Mix the spices together (Safflower, nigella seeds and salt).
  • Soak the limes into the spices (pulp side), close the limes again and put it in a jar very tight together with the lime juice from the cutting part.
  • Leave it for 2 hours, the salt is going to help the limes sweat with juice in the jar wich is going to make the process of pickling start.
  • Afrter 2 hours, press the limes at the top of the jar as if you were trying to make space for more limes (you don’t want to squeeze each lime) to help the juice going out of the lime.

nigella seeds and saflower_Egypt_Upperegypt_Spices_pickeld lemonSpices : Nigella seeds and safflowers

Pickled lime_Spices_Tradition_Egypt_upperegypt_Agriculture_preservation process
Ripe lime (wich is why it’s yellow and not green) being soaked in spices.

Pickeld lime recipe_Egyptian speciality_Middle east_Old fashioned cooking_Preserving food_upperegyptReady for the pickling process !