Portrait – Nana & Sopi, 63 & 28, Ambrolauri, Georgia

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Nana & Sopi, mother and daughter in life, at work and in the kitchen

Portrait :

Nana and Sopi are mother and daughter. They were both born in the racha district in Georgia and live in Ambrolauri.


Nana is married and has a son, Valeria, 31 years old, and a daughter, Sopi, 28 years old. She learned how to cook  with her mother when she was very young and she’s now sharing her knowledge with her own daughter.  When she’s not in her kitchen, she’s in the garden where she grows all the vegetables and spices she needs and even grappes for seasonal wine. She also takes care of the house that she turned into a guesthouse a few years ago. She’s a very smiling and kind person who knows how to take care of the others. She’s also a very busy woman who doesn’t really take time to rest.

Ambrolauri_Racha_Nana_Elo guesthouse Ambrolauri_Racha_Georgia_Garden_Nana



Sopi studied law in Kutaisi but decided to come back home to work in Ambrolauri’s tourism office and help her mother with the guesthouse. Every night after work, she comes back and takes care of the guests, translate the questions of the day from georgian to english, shares some house and kitchen work with Nana. But most of all, what she loves is taking care of the garden, her flowers, spices andvegetables… She knows everything about her products and how to trasnform them. She also takes gorgeous macro pictures.

coquelicot - flower-elo guesthouse_racha_Ambrolauri_Georgia peach flower_Racha_Ambrolauri_Georgia_elo guesthouse

A few of her tips :

  • There are 2 types of marigol, one is used for its flowers that you dry in a pan to make a very thin powder from it. The other one is used for its leaves that are very aromatic fresh or dried.
  • The beetroot leaves can be cut, boiled and mashed with sunflower oil. It gives a perfect texture to fill a bread dough before heating that you can eat for a picnic or as a starter. BTW, in Georgia, a meal is not cut into different steps, all cold and hot food comes at the same time.

I’m so happy I had the chance to meet these 2 very active women who are not scared of being tired. They shared with me a few secrets, traditionnal for Nana and more modern for Sopi but both very useful for me. Thank you so much ladies !

Nana’s favorite recipe is the garlic chicken, a traditionnal recipe from the racha district. Sopi’s favorite recipe is any soup recipes that she likes anytime during the year, the Chackockbili and she always fall for a frozen coffee when it’s very hot outside.


A few of their recipes:

Gupta_meat balls_Georgia_Racha_AmbrolauriGupta – Meat balls and tomato sauce

chackockbili_Beef and walnut sauce_Gerogia_Speciality rachaChackockbili – Beef stew with walnut sauce

lobio parki_ready_Georgia_Racha mountains_AmbrolauriLobio parki – Beans and tomato sauce

Café frappé_Iced coffee_Georgia_Racha_Ambrolauri
Sopi’s frozen coffee