Preserved eggplants – Lebanon

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Preserved eggplants for winter…

In the serie of the preserved vegetables for winter the way our grand-mothers used to do it, like pickles for example, here are the preserved eggplants on olive oil. So good with any mediterranean dish or as an apetizer together with other mezze.

Ingredients :

  • Mini eggplants (as many as you need/have)
  • Salt
  • Garlic
  • Hazelnuts
  • Olive oil

Preparation :

  • Cut the eggplant’s tail entirely (prefer to use gloves as the tail of the eggplants has small spines) and cut the side of the eggplants until the center of it
  • Put salt (heavily) in the cut and leave it for hours or even the night until the black water is drained out of the eggplant
  • Rince and boil the eggplants until it gets soft / loose (but not like purée) and wring it by pressing it inside your hands
  • stuff the eggplants with smashed garlic, hazelnuts and salt. Wring it again, put it in a jar (several eggplants per jar) and leave it upside down (without closing the jar) for a few hours again to drain the last drops of water
  • Fill the jar with olive oil, close it, put it upside down for at least 2 hours and then store it for winter and up to 4 years

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