Culinary short movies

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Movies are the 7th art and now we use “culinary art” to talk about cooking…

Culinary movies can only be a great idea though. Sometimes it’s fun, sometimes it’s beautifull, sometimes it makes you hungry, sometimes it’s just disgusting… But everytime it’s interesting !

Here are 2 short movies seen last thursday at “Cinéma Aventure” during the projection organised by shortscreens.

These two were my favourites, but I let you discover the others if you’d like to, as they were all different and interesting (Animation, documentary, stop-motion…)

– Meltdown:

It’s a story about the left overs in a fridge that are alive and try to save their friend “Orange” who has been imprisoned by the ice (We don’t talk about it often enough… Our food suffers when we don’t defrost our fridge)
OK, well… It doesn’t sound super exciting when I explain it like this, so please have a look at the movie, you’ll understand. Don’t play the video in your open space… You could laugh out loud, that would be embarrasing :

MELTDOWN from Dave Green on Vimeo.


– Tripe and onions:

The story of a man who has to share his food against his will (I can’t give a better explanation or I ruin the ending ^^)

Now, I take the opportunity of this article to talk a bit about ShortScreens:
This project comes from two associations, Artatouille and Format Court, that work together to organize every last thursday of the month a short movies’ projection at “Cinéma Aventure” in Brussels.

6€ for a projection of about an hour and a half ; and it’s always a nice evening made of discoveries. Some of the last topics used for a projection: Animation, Borders, Family, let’s talk about sex… I LOVE it !

Do not hesitate to book your last thursday of june.
Stay tuned, check their Facebook

And if you don’t know how to go there:

No excuse anymore ^^, have FUN !