Sohag – The traditionnal baking adventure – Egypt

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The sunny bread adventure with Samah’s family in an upper egypt village

Samah lives in Shandaill, a small village in the district of Sohag. After a week in Cairo, shandawill is a place where houses are not higher than 3 floors and where you can find green land. The village is stituated in the Nil valley and is therefore more oriented agriculture than service or industry. You can find in the fields around cabbage, corn, wheat, dates and very often people donkey riding in the streets. After a week in the capital, being in shandawill was very refreshing.

Samah (and more her step daughter now… who actually uses a gaz oven… Cheater!) makes the bread for the entire family every two weeks in her traditionnel mud oven on the roof of her house.

The ingredients are very simple :

  • Floor
  • Water
  • Yeast

For the preparation, it’s a bit more tricky :

  • Mix the dough with the flat part of the hand
  • Put one “dose” of dough by squeezing it inside of your closed hand on a tray covered with ground wheat
  • Leave the dough grow under the sun (this is where comes the name « sunny bread »)
  • When the bread is covered by a rather thick crust, turn it over and leave the other side under the sun again until a crust appears on this side too
  • After more than 2 hours of sun, the breads are ready
  • Make 4 marks around the cercle to form a cross and put the breads in the oven – The reason why Samah’s family make a cross and not a cercle inside of the cercle is because they are christians and not muslim –
  • In the traditionnal oven everything is quite quick. 2 times 10 minutes and the first batch is ready to go out

The old ones like Samah prefer to eat their bread dry and hard but I myself enjoyed quite a lot our little bread feest with white cheese, Tomatoes, cucumber, Omelette, mortadella…

Shandawill_Sohag_upper egypt_things to do egypt_Baking_Countryside
The preparation of the dough

shandawill_Sohag district_Countryside_Egypt_Top things to do_see_baking
The effect of the sun on the fresh dough (crust on both side)

Shandawill_sohag_Countryside-upper egypt_top things to see_Baking
In the oven…

Shandawill_upper egypt_Sohag district_Top things to see_Egypt_bakingReady for the feast

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