Souk el Tayeb, the organic / farmers market – Lebanon

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Souk el Tayeb, The farmers market in downtown Beirut

As explained in a previous article, souk el tayeb is the first project launched by Kamal in 2004 when he understands that the south of lebanon produces more tomatoes than the people needs and that in Beirut the tomatoes you can find in the shops don’t always come from Lebanon. With this organic market, he gives a chance to the lebanese farmers to show their products to the potentiel customers in Beirut and it’s a success.

I indeed found a few quiet interesting booths. One from the beka region (vineyard region next to the syrian border) with a very nice woman who took at least 20 minutes to epxlain me how to make fresh olives filled with labneh and black cumin (sooooo good). And also one from the south of Lebanon where I met 3 women (I bet they are mother and daughters but I’m not 100% sure) who were making mana’ish with fresh  vegetables, spice labneh, chanklish mixed with lamb’s lettuce, zaatar… also very very good.

It’s opened only on saturdays from 8.30 to 2 pm, and it’s not a huge market so you shouldn’t need more than 1 hour to see all the booths. It’s better to go there around lunch hour by the way and try this fresh mana’ish on the corner.

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