The culinary specialities of Egypt

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What does egyptian food looks like? What should you taste?

Egyptian cuisine looks mainly like any other middle east cuisine with a few typical recipes like foule or Kochary for the street food specialities. Home cooking and specialities have some influence from Europe after the invasions of England and France back in the days and influence from “Turkey” from the days of the great ottoman empire. Egyptian food is not really hot and is sometimes savoury, sour or spicy. But the one base you’ll find very often is the tomato sauce.

If you’re going to Egypt soon, Zooba, is a restaurant chain where you can safely try the different street food specialities in a controled area. But if you feel a bit adventurous, you should definitely go for the Kochary in the small shops in town and you should also try to queue to get a foule sandwich. You won’t regret the experience first, and it definitely tastes better.


Street food

cochary_Cairo_Egypt_Speciality_Top things to try
Kochary – Pasta, Rice, Noodles, Chick peas, lentils, fried onions and tomato sauce.

Mashed foule_Sohag_Egypt_Speciality_Top things to try
Foule – Breakfast – Mashed fava beans cooked for hours and hours. The foule used to be eaten by workers who needed to be able to go through an entire day of work in the fields. You mostly find foule in a sandwich or at home mashed or not.

fateer_Cairo_Egypt_Speciality_Top things to try
Fateer – The egyptian pizza or pie – Very thin dough stuffed with anything you want (sweet or savoury) and closed and cooked in a stone oven.Smocked sweet potato_Slum of Cairo_Egypt_Top things to try_Culinary specialitty_EgyptianSmocked sweet potato – From the slum of Cairo – Simply put inside of the burning coal and fold into school notebook paper.


Starters and Mezze

Lentil soup_Cairo_Zooba_Egypt_Speciality_Top things to try
Lentil soup (recipe very similar to the turkish red lentil soup) – coming with mini croutons andd spices.

tamatemmakhalil_Cairo_Egypt_speciality_Top things to tryTamatem makhalil – Pickeld tomatoes

Betingan makhalil_Pickeld and stuffed eggplant with rice_Cairo_Egypt_Speciality_Top things to tryBetingan makhalil – Pickled eggplants stuffed with spicy rice

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And also the classical Tahini, wine leaves (sogoa)


Main dishes

Pigeon and rice_Cairo_Egypt_top things to try_Speciality
Pigeon / Dove and rice

Okrabamia_Cairo_Egypt_Speciality_Top things to try
Okra bamia – Okra in tomato sauce (Okra : small green and hairy vegetable looking like witch nails).

Chicken liver alexandria style_Cairo_Egypt_Speciality_Top things to tryChicken liver, alexandria style

And also the classical Kebab (meat on a skewer), Kofte (meat balls on a skewer), Waraaenab (Small sausages) etc.