The culinary specialities of Lebanon

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In Europe we think we know lebanese cuisine… But it’s so different (and so much better) in Lebanon

Not exactly spice but definitely sour, the lebanese specialities come mostly from Turkey (that’s what I’ve been told here) and a bit from France with a little twist (with this work around sourness) that is very new for me. You can also find pastries, sweets and salads here wich is very very nice after more than 2 month on the road eating a lot of meat dishes.

The most used products in the lebanese cuisine are parsley, lemon, vinegar, eggplants, tahini – if you don’t do your own -, tomatoes, cucumber, sesame, olive oil, cheack peas, coriander and sumac. They also use a lot of other things but I would say that these are the basics. And for the desserts the main flavours are orange blossom and rose… And I LOVE it !

Street food

Shawarma poulet_Beirut_Lebanese specialities_Lebanon
Falafel Sandwich – Arabic bread, falafel, houmous, pickles, Pink turnip.

Manaeh_zatar_Bcharry_Lebanon_Things to try_Things to see
Manaech with zatar – Flat bread covered with zatar (lebanese thyme) and cooked in a stone oven.

Couscous_Tripoli_lebanon_Things to try_Lebanese specialities
Couscous – Arabic bread with onions, cheack peas, Moghrabieh, pink pickled turnip and spices.

Falafel_Lebanese specialities_Things to try_Lebanon_Tripoli_falaffelFalafel – Fried balls made of cheack peas, garlic, onion, Sesame and coriander.



Houmous_Lebanon_Byblos_Lebanese speciality_Tahini
Houmous – Cheack peas, Tahini, lemon juice, garlic

Mtabal_Moutabal_Cedar's heaven_BcharryMtabal or Moutabal – Tahini, eggplants, garlic, lemon juice.

Feuilles de vigne_Wine leaves_Lebanese speciality_Lebanon_Byblos_Things to tryWine leaves – Rice, vinegar or lemon juice.


Main courses

Kehbe_Lebanese specialities_Things to see_Things to try_lebanon_Meat_Le chef_Restaurant_Beirut
Kebe or kibbeh – Ground lean beef, lamb or goat meat minced with onions, bulgur  and spices

Mjadra_lebanese recipe_Bcharry_Lebanon_Beans recipe vegetarianMjadra – Beans and bulgur

cedar's heaven_Sausage and grenadine sauce_Bcharry_Lebanon_things to doThe sausages from Cedar’s heaven with Grenade sauce – Or with any spice sauce in restaurants


Side dishes

Tabouleh_Specialities_Lebanon_Tyre_sour_Top things to try_CulinaryTabouleh – Parsley (and sometimes a bit of coriander), Semoula or bulgur or even sometimes sesame (just a few pieces to have a crunchy effect), fresh tomatoes and onions.

fattouche_fatouch_Lebanese recipe_Lebanese food_Lebanon_Salad
Fatouch – Vegetables, lemon juice and grilled arabic bread

Chanklish with zatar_Lebanese speciality_Cheese and Thyme_Byblos_Jbeil_Things to try_LebanonChanklish – Goat milk cheese with zatar (lebanese thyme)



Lebanese sweets_Delicatessen_Tripoli_Things to try_Lebanon
Delicatessen of Tripoli (capital of pastries)

Pastries_delicatessen_Sour_Tyre_Lebanon_Culinary specialities_Top things to try… And the one from Tyre (Sour) which are even better, cheaper and meltingly soft

Knefe_Lebanese sweets_Delicatessen_Tripoli speciality_lebanon_Hallab shop
Knefe or Knafeh – semolina dough and cheese pastry soaked in sweet sugar-based syrup and pistacchio

Kachtalia_Dessert_Sweet_Beirut_Lebanon_Things to try_Things to see
Kachtakia – Coconut, milk and orange blossom

Maamoul_Lebanese speciality_Pistacchio_sweets_dessert_Easter_Delicatessen_LebanonMaamoul – Semoulina based dough with pistacchio stuffing (my favorite pastry so far)



Gin and basil_cocktail_byblos_Lebanon_PLaces to go_things to try_where to go_specialities
Gin and basil cocktail

Midori sour_cocktail_lebanon_byblos_lebanese speciality_Top things to try_Things to goMidori Sour