The culinary specialities of Turkey

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Street food or classical food, Turkey has a lot of specialities

I don’t know if I’ll be able to gather all the turkish specialities here (especially the pictures) but this list is going to evolve while I keep traveling est. Here is a first draft.

Classical street food

Real Durum - Meat and pickles_Istanbul_Turkish specialities-cThe Dürüm – Turkish bread, Beef or chicken and pickles. (Compared to what we have in Europe, the turkish version of the dürüm is a bit dry but it’s the real one, it sounds like they adapted the recipe for our european mouth)

Fish bread_Istanbul_Princes'Island_Turkish Specialities_Sandwich au poisson_Turquie-cBalik Ekmek – Fish sandwish (literally fish bread)

Pizaa_Turkish specialities_Istanbul_Hajia sofia-cKarisik Pide – A pizza with the shape of an eye and with a mix (karicik) of everything on it (beef, peppers, sausage, cheese, egg…)

c-Mussels_Turkish specialities_Specialites turques_Istanbul_Turquie-cMidye dolma – Mussel stuffed with rice and spices

Simit_Turkish specialities_Spécialités turques_IstanbulSimit – Sesame bread that you can eat like this or stuffed with butter or with nutella.


Classical savoury

c-feuille de vigne_Turkish specailities_Specialites turques_Istanbul_Turquie-cyaprak yapragi – Vine leave stuffed with rice, olive and spices

c-Manti_Turkish specalities_Specialites turques_Istanbul_Turkey-cManti – Little pasta stuffed with beef, mint, chili, lemon, garlic, red peppers, onions.

Paçanga boregi_pachanga dumplings_Turkey_Turquie_Turkish specialities_Goreme
Paçanga böregi – Dumpling stuufed with beef, onion and cheese.

Kasar Pane_Crusty cheese_Goreme_Turkey_Turkish specialities_Turquie
Kasar Pane – Crusty and fried cheese

tepsi kebap_Turkish specialities_Kurdish_Spécialités turques
Tepsi kebap (name of the pan that is used to cook this kurdish speciality) – Tomatoes sliced and cooked in the oven with cheap grease and salt + Green pepper also cooked in the oven + pide.

yogurtlu kebap_viande et sauce au yaourt_Meat and yogurt sauce_Turkish specialities_turquieYogurtlu Kebap (Yogurt, pepper and butter sauce, sliced beef meat, diced bread, tomatoes) – Very close to iskender (Sliced meat, diced bread, pepeer, yogurt and butter sauce, wheat and rice).

Kebap_Turquie_Turkey_culinary specialities_spécialités culinairesClassical Kebap (Piece of meat on a stick).

Kasar paynir_Fromage_Cheese_speciality_Turkey_TurquieKasar Peynir – Kasar cheese.


Classical sweet

Baklava_Pistacchio_turkish specialities_Spécialités turquesBaklava – Pistachio

Turkish Ice cream_Princes' Islend_Specialities_spécialité_Turquie_Glace-cDondurma – Ice cream plunged into crumbled pistachio. And if you’re in the mood for a little game, you can try to catch the ice cream while the ice-cream man is playing with it and ringing the bell on top of your head to attract the kids.

Turkish delight_loukoums_Turkey_Istanbul_Turquie_SpecialitiesLokumu – Turkish delight.

keci boynuzu_Turkish specialities_spécialités turques_Mersinkeci boynuzu – literally goat horn – Dried fruit with a light taste of honey.

Bal_Miel_Honey_speciality_Turkey_turquie_KarsBal – Honey, speciality of Kars together with cheese




Ayran_Turkish specialities_Istanbul_Turquie - cAyran – Drink made of yogurt, water and salt

Elma çay_Turkish specialities_Specialités turques_Istanbul
Elma çay – Apple tea

Turkish coffee_Turk kahvesi _Specialites_Specialities_TurkishTurk kahvesi – Turkish coffee