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Tawlet, The like at home restaurant with a new mum cooking everyday

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The tawlet adventure starts with a sad discovery of one man, Kamal.  in 2004, Kamal understands that the south of lebanon produces more tomatoes than the people needs and that in Beirut the tomatoes you can find in the shops don’t always come from Lebanon. The decision is taken, Kamal opens an organic farmers market in Beirut. He therefore gives a chance to the lebanese farmers to show their products to the potentiel customers in Beirut and it’s a success.

The adventure continues in 2007 when Kamal understands how little the lebanese living in Beirut know about their country. Events all around Lebanon are organised with the help of the farmers’ community, to give the opportunity to people from Beirut to discover the treasures of their homeland. It’s in Hemmena that the first event takes place, to discover everything about cherries and its derivative.

In 2009, Tawlet opens and offers to the people in Beirut a unique experience around a very simple concept : a like at home restaurant with a different mum every day who cooks the specialities of her region. For 33 dollars, anyone can come and enjoy an all you can eat buffet cooked by Tawlet’s chef and his guest of the day. Together, they will prepare a few typical dishes from the region of the guest chef and the basics of the lebanese cuisine. Every day a new mum and around 30 mums in total who work together to help people discover the culinary heritage of the different  regions of Lebanon.

The tabouleh in itself is not what matters, this is the person cooking it who matters in this project and the love she put in her dish. This concept is about human beings, how to promote them and regional social development.


The day when I was in Tawlet, I had the chance to try a few specialities of the zgharta region and I loved it. I’ve been impressed by the enthusiasm of the team working there and by the somptous smile of my mum of the day… A very nice concept full of love and happiness. In the same time, don’t get me wrong, Kamal is certainly not a naive dreamer with just a nice way to see the world, he works to build a community but most of all he manages a company of more than 100 employees from all over Lebanon and keeps inspiring the team with new projects, concepts and adventures around the well being and well eating. A very inspiring example of someone who helps the world to change by gathering people together around a common objective.

Starting by changing yourself to change the world and choosing a positive revolution instead of using energy hating the system and waiting for things to move by themselves by protesting in the street might be the real solution.


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