The culinary specialities of Iran

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What does Iranian food look like?

It looks like middle east food (Lebanese & Egyptian mainly) but with an iranian twist. And the iranian twist comes from a few things : The onions are usually fried with curcuma, dried lime powder is used as a sour touch, Kamel milk or curd are used in a few recipes as a softener and a sour touch also and the classical iranian spices mix is made with cumin, cinnamon, coriander seeds and dried basil.

And something you’d like to know before going to Iran, is that it’s hard to find real iranian food in the streets or in the restaurants (you’ll find more kebab style food – Barbecued meat on a skewer – but hardly proper family type of food). Don’t hesitate to go to the touristics areas though, ask people in the street, book a room in a guesthouse who serve diner or use couchsurfing and ask to cook with your host.


Street food

Ash – Thick vegetables soup to eat with bread.

Samossa_Shiraz_Iarn__Speciality_Top things to try_Triangle with spinach and vegetables
Samosa – Fried thin bread stuffed with spinach, vegetables or…

Falafel sandwich_Teheran_tehran_Iran_Street food_Top things to try
Falafel sandwich.



Gorecht Bademjan_Eggplant and curd_Iran_Shiraz_Kohan hotel_SpecialityBademjan – Eggplant paste with curd


Main courses

Dizy_Yazd_Lamb-beans-Iranian speciality_Top things to do_Iran
Dizy – Lamb, beans, veggies and bread… Delicious.

Shevid chelov_goosht loobia_Abbassi house_Kashan_Iran_speciality
Shevid chelov with Goosht loobia – slow cooked lamb in oil with beans.

Forvo kabab_Liver kebab_ Yadz_Iran_Speciality
Jegar – Liver kebab.

Kima_Iran_Speciality_Fahraj_Desert_Top things to do_Hotel farvardinnKima – Mix of lamb and beef stew with tomato sauce.

Preserved lamb and rice_Tehran_Iran_Culinary specialities
Safran rice.



faloodeh_Shiraz_Behind the mosque_Iran_dessert_ice cream_Speciality
Falloudeh – Frozen starch noodles with lime juice.

delicatessen_Iran_Yadz_Speciality_Top things to doIranian delicatessen – And yes it’s very different from the lebanese and turkisg ones !