The real turkish coffee

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How to make a real turkish coffee?

First, you need the proper tool : Cezve ! (to be pronounced “Jezvé”)

cezve - Turkish coffee


Second, you need the proper ingredients (for 2 small cups):

  • 1 piece of sugar for each cup of coffee
  • 1 teaspoon of freshly milled coffee for each cup of coffee
  • One cup of water for each cup of coffee

Third, you need the proper instructions:

  • Make it boil for the first time and fill half of the coffee cups
  • Make it boil a second time and fill 90% of the coffee cups
  • Make it boil a third time and fill the cups full to the brim

You can also add your own spices to try soomething new (I tried it at my favorite CS host’s house and it was, as always when she makes something, a delicious discovery) : Black pepper, Ginger, Rhum. And I can only imagine how good it could be with Almond, cherry (the alcohol), baileys… yum !

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