To do : 3 days cycling trip through Penamacor, Monsanto & idanha a nova – Portugal

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3 days cycling the hills of the “centro de Portugal” through three gorgeous historical villages

One of my favorite cycling trip so far in the colorful fields of the center of Portugal chasing the old templar villages. It’s best to do it in April / beginning of may while the weather is nice and warm (but not crazy hot) but check the opening date of the “parque do campismo do freixal” (Penamacor) as it was closed for renovation when we arrived there and we had to have one night wild camping to start our trip. Also, bring some food for both diners, breakfasts (the option we chose for a 2 days homemade breakfast : Belgian craquelin) and the first lunch as campings in this region are not equiped with restaurants and are usually quite far from civilization.

– Our itinerary in a few pictures –


Leaving Castelo Branco

By the road going down next to the “cine-teatro” for one day cycling on a national road. It’s not the best, charming cycling path but it’s the quickest way to reach penamacor. The road is quiet and large enough for being relatively safe.

Portugal_Castelo Branco_Top things to see_do_Discover_top view_best place_walk_Nature_Que faire_A voir_tourism_city trip_centro do portugal_Center


Arriving in Penamacor

Do not hesitate on the coffee (with sugar) break in the “jardim municipal” patio before going for the paved and very steep street that goes to the castle. No other option than pushing the bike or leaving it down the street. At the end of the alley going along the castle you’ll find an amazing point of view on the valley, 100 % wind, but 100 % magical for the portugal lovers.

Portugal_Penamacor_Center of portugal_Centro de portugal_What to do_see_Que faire_voir_cycling trip_rando velo_
Penamacor from the castle.

Portugal_penamacor_Cycling trip_Rando velo_Small town_Historical village_Top things to do_see_que faire_a voir
The castle from the point of view.

Going to “Parque de campismo de freixal”

Enjoy the countryside !!!

Portugal_centro de_Landscape_Cycling trip_Rando velo_Top things to do_see_que faire_A voir_countryside

Day 2

On the way to Monsanto

Portugal_center of_centro de_Top things to do_see_cycling trip_Que faire_A voir_Tourism_Countryside

Portugal_Monsanto_cycling trip_Top things to do_see_Tourism_Small town_Historical_countryside_Que faire_Tourisme_village historique

Arriving at Monsanto

Do not hesitate on pushing your bike to enjoy the charming and calm little streets of this gorgeous historical village. All points of interest are signed and free… Have fun !

Portugal_Monsanto_Center of portugal_fountain_Que faire_A voir

Portugal_Monsanto_Cycling trip_Top things to do_see_Countyrside_hitsorical village_Que faire_ A voir_tourism

At the top of the village, you can find a restaurant called “Petiscos e granitos” where “polvo com queijo da serra da estrela” is available for a quiet lunch on their terrace.. Extremely nice experience ! Despite the price that was quite high for Portugal (12 € for a meal when you usually can find a “menu do dia” for 5 € in every taberna portuguesa) I warmly recommend this place.

Portugal_Monsanto_Restaurant_Petiscos e granitos_Polvo com queijo_Top things to do_try_Que faire_A voir_ ou manger_Tourisme

Then leave your bike and enjoy the amazing ruins of the old templar castle, churches, santuario etc.

Portugal_Monsanto_Countryside_Cycling trip_top things to do_see_Que faire_A voir_pighouses

Portugal_Monsanto_Castle_Centro de portugal_Small town_Historical village_Top things to do_see_Que faire_A voir


On the way to the lake of Idanha à Nova, (also known for the famous Boom festival)

Keep some day time for enjoying the colors and smells of the countryside while going to Idanha and also for putting up your tent and enjoying the lake. – Another possibility would be to stop and discover “Idanha a velha” on the way to Idanha’s camping and keep the lake and the dam for morning 3 but we didn’t have that option as we had to be back in Castelo Branco before 4 pm on day 3 for our portuguese lesson –

Portugal_centro de_Cycling trip_Landscape_Countryside_Top things to do_See_Que faire_A voir_Rando velo

Portugal_Idanha a nova_Cycling trip_Center of portugal_Lake_What to do_see_que faire_Rando vélo

And for the most adventurous, after putting up your tent (or on day 3 morning) go under the dam of the lake… Fun, very fun ! (Take a flashlight with you !!!)

Portugal_Idanha a nova_Lake_Grotto_Under the dam_What to do_see_que faire_Voir_Cycling trip_rando vélo


Day 3

Discover Idanha a nova by the old paved street for traveling through time while cycling (you’ll understand when you’ll be there)…  Restaurants and supermarkets are available there for buying everything your need for a picnic or for having a last good portuguese meal before going back.

Portugal_Idanha a nova_Cycling trip_Top things to do_see_que faire_A voir_Center of portugal
View on the “torre de relogio” and the little town of Idanha a nova from the place where the old castle was before.


End of the trip

If you chose a picnic for day 3, make sure to eat before crossing the rivers where the landscape is pretty, quiet and accessible and before the very steep last uphills of the tour (after both river bridges).

Portugal_Center of portugal_Cycling trip

Arriving in Castelo Branco

Portugal_Castelo Branco_Top things to do_see_discover_Center_city center_Old walls_Castle_Que faire_A voir_Murailles_centro historico_Centre historique

Safe journey and have fun !