9. ATW : Together on the road…

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The different things you might want to pay attention to while traveling with you lover…



Portrait_Us_Couple_round the word trip_together_Road_Daily life_agreement_Calm_Love
Lots of time doesn’t mean “easy to take the time to communicate together”. Taking the time to talk to your partner can sometimes make you feel you’re loosing time but is more than necessary to be sure he/she feels happy with the adventure, with the interactions between you two or with the locals and with how things are handled and shared.


Common vision

Portrait_Us_Couple_on the road together_Round the world_seeing life the same way_Daily life_disagree
Have you ever tried to work with someone who doesn’t share you vision of a project ? Well, traveling is exactly the same plus the mix of emotions and the permanent instability… Being sure your lover shares your vision of the adventure before starting the trip might avoid big communication issues later.


Portrait_Us_ON the road together_road trip_traval_round the world_today life_shopping_grocery_couple
If you don’t want to be embarrassed or to embarras your lover, making sure you two share the same values or at least understand the values of the other could be your priority before leaving home !


Lack of glamour & sexy

Portrait_Us_Bathroom_Brushing teeth_Today life_Together on the road_couple_travel
Not always easy to keep the glamorous effect with your lover on the road… No shower for a few days, no sexy clothes, the fact that you share the same bathroom and toilets (5 cm far from the bed) all the time. You do deserve a little bit of comfort from time to time even with a very tight budget.


Lack of privacy

Shower_cleaning_Couple_on the road together_round the world trip_Traveling_today life-2
Surprisingly, it’s always when you need to take a shower, that the other one wants to brush his/her teeth… It’s when you want to take a walk (alone !!!!) that the other one asks if he/she can join… It’s when you need some time alone to read that the other one decides to call her/his mom just next to you on the same bed… Define a special code for “I NEED SOME TIME ALONE PLEAAAAASE !!!” before needing it, that might help a LOT !


Day to day… routine !

Portrait_Us_Together on the road_daily life_Laundry_washing machine_travel_road trip_couple
Routine can make you feel guilty of loosing your time for useless activities… Making it fun or sharing the activities can be 2 ways of avoiding the guilt !




Portrait_us_on the road together_round the world_Couple_travel_Daily life_eating_asia
Like you want to be tolerant with the country that welcomes you, you also want to be open minded with your lover. He or she will do or say things that might shock you or embarrass you or make you sad… Try not to forget that you too say or do things that are shocking or embarrassing for the other one.



Being heavily connected

Portrait_us_on the road together_travel_daily life_Round the world_Technologies_connected_chating
Being connected really is a matter of choice but if you can, every time you want to use a connected device, don’t hesitate to ask yourself if you’re doing it because it makes you happy or because you feel guilty to be far from your friends and family, because you feel bored and tired (take some time to rest and to define a new itinerary instead of jumping on Facebook) or because you feel lonely… And every time the answer is not “happy” then reconnect to yourself, your needs, your lover and the country you’re in.



And you, what trap did you discover while traveling with your lover ?