Top things to do and eat in Braga – Portugal

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A very surprising and interesting city

Braga is a nice city full of energy where organisation goes together with resourcefulness. Here the young ones live with the old ones, the ruins face the buildings covered with pretty tiles, the deserted areas are just at the corner of the fashionable areas, underground is pushing the “in”, alternative is tickling traditions… As you can see, Braga totally answered my need of inspiration and we got along together very well for a few days.

Here we go, zoom on portugal and on Braga and follow the guide for a 2 to 3 days city trip.


Little walk in the “centro historico” – Do not forget to get lost in the streets

Braga_Portugal_Top things to do_See_Discover_Visit Braga_Le top des choses


Mandatory stop at “Hibiscus” for a yummy lunch

Hibiscus is a small vegetarian restaurant with a very nice and shaded yard and an excellent concept – One plate that you fill up at the vegetarian buffet (every day new recipes depending on the chef and his assistant’s inspiration), a soup and as much organic tea as you want for 7,90 €. It’s good, it’s fresh and the team is very nice !

Restaurant hibiscus_vegetarian_Portugal_Braga_Top things to eat_see

Restaurant hibiscus_Vegetarian_Braga_Portugal_Buffet_Top things to see_do_try_cha_tea_organic

Climb up to Bom Jesus and wander around its marvelous park

By the hydraulic elevator or by the stairs, the walk really is worth it (even with fog apparently, I’ve been told that it gives a mystical touch to the place).

Bom Jesus_Braga_Portugal_Top things to see_Top things to do_Visit travel portugal_Reliagion_Basilica

Bom Jesus_Braga_Portugal_Travel_Visit_Top things to do_see_Basilica_tourism

Bom Jesus_Braga_POrtugal_Tourism_Visit_Top things to do_Top things to see_Castle_Flowers

Bom Jesus_Brag_POrtugal_Garden_Flowers_roses_Top of the basilica_Top things to do_see_Visit_Travel

Bom Jesus_Park_Walk_hike_Braga_Portugal_to things to do_Tourism_Things to see

Bom jesus_Sanctuary_Park_braga_Portugal_top things to do_Walking_fall


Have lunch at the “restaurante panoramico do hotel do elevador” next to Bom Jesus

This place is very stylish, it has a beautiful panoramic view, the food is very good but no your lunch won’t be expensive. 21 euros (November 2016) for starters or soup, main dish, dessert buffet (all you can eat type of buffet), water and bread. Service is a bit “straight-forward” but very smilling. Do not hesitate one second !

Bom Jesus_Restaurant_Restaurante panoramico do hotel do elevador_Tourism_Gastronomy_Top things to do

Bom Jesus_Restaurant panoramico do hotel do elevador_Gastronomy_Top things to do_Brag_Portugal

Restaurant_Braga_portugal_Bom Jesus_Restaurante do hotel do elevador_Gastronomy_Top things to do in_

Restaurant to try in Braga_Portugal_Tourism_Gatsronomy_Restaurante panoramico do hotel do elevador

Restaurant panoramico do hotel do elevador_Gatsronomy_Braga_desserts buffet_Bom Jesus_Top things


Go visit Sameiro, just a few steps far from Bom Jesus taking you into the woods for a very nice walk

Sameiro_Sanctuary_Bom Jesus_Braga_Portugal_top things to see_Do_Visit_tourism


Do not miss one of the best “Francesinha” in town at “Real Taberna”

This is not gastronomic, more a good competitor in the “junk food” category but it’s worth trying, at least once, and here at “Real taberna” you know it will be good.

The codes to know your Francesinha is a good one : It’s served in a very HOT plate which is served in a cold plate (so that no one gets burned). Its sauce is made with blond beer, it’s smooth, orange, strong in taste and slightly spice. It’s made with veal, ham (porc), “linguiça” (porc sausage smocked with garlic and paprika), melting cheese (emmental type of cheese) and a fried egg. The entire thing looks like a french “croque-monsieur” (which is why it’s called “Francesinha”) covered with cheese and an egg “à cheval”. And to be 100% sure, cut it and if you can see the successive layers, you’re good to go, you’re at a good address !

Francesinha_Real taberna_Best in town_Top things to do_Speciality_Croque monsieur_Portugal_Braga

Real taberna_brasserie_Portugal_Braga_Francesinha_foodie_top things to do_Speciality


Go on a street art hunt

Restaurant hibiscus_Vegetarian_Organic_Braga_POrtugal_Top things to do_Yard_Garden_Terrace


Have an expresso on the main square by the fountain

Coffee is delicious in Portugal by the way…

Braga_Portugal_Coffee_Expresso_Restaurante panoramico do hotel do elevador_Bom Jesus


Try to find your favorite type of tiles…

And this is not ironic, my tile hunt was very fun. There are so many different types of them that it’s worth investigating.

famous portuguese tiles_braga_discover_Top things to do_See_city


And last but not least

Understand “activities for which I haven’t been able to take pictures” – Eat a “tangerin” ice cream (mandarin) and try the traditionnal “pudim abade priscos”, a mandarin custard pudding made in a village not far from Braga that you can also find sometimes at the “pastelaria” called “Sabià”.


Have fun and enjoy !