Top 10 things to do in Kyrgyzstan

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It goes in order of preference, 1 being my favorite activity

1. Go to Arslanbob and cook your favorite Kyrgyz meal with your host

Here, we were cooking Varenik. Why Arslanbob? Because this is one of the villages where you won’t find any hostel or hotel. The only way for you to stay there, is to use the network of accomodations that has been set up by a guy from switzerland a few years ago. In exchange of a “fair” (…for you but big for the country) amount of money you’ll share the house of a family who will take care of you and also cook for you.

Cooking with a family in Arslanbob kyrgyzstan - kirghizistan

2. Visit the markets in the different cities, my favorite ones being Bishkek and Osh

Osh bazar - Kyrgyzstan - Miss bazar

 3. Walk from Karakol to Ak-suu (Altyn Arachan)

This is the trek going through Ala kol (kol meaning lake). Set a fire during the night at the first stop, as soon as the fire dies, watch the sky (you’ve never seen that many stars) and enjoy the view along the way (nope, you’re not in the alps ^^)  Ala kol - Heart lake - Kyrgyzstan - Kirghizistan

4. After 9 hours of walking the 2nd day of the Ala kol trek, and after the setting up of your tent, take a 15 minutes break in the hot springs of altyn arachan


5. Go to Song kol

blue yurt in song kol kyrgyzstan - kirghizistan

 6. Sleep in a yurt

…And discover that the flag of Kyrgyzstan is simply the image of the shape of a yurt roof

Kyrgyze flag coming from the shape of the roof in a yurt

7. Go on a horse ridding trip, even if you’ve never done that before !

Yes it hurts, but when you galop in the middle of nowhere, between 2 enormous mountains and a yurt camp, trust me it’s worth it horse ridding to song kol - Kyrgyzstan - Kirghizistan

8. Go on a photo trip in the cemetery of Naryn

I know it’s weird but when the light goes down you’ll discover how amazing the kyrgyz cemeteries look like Naryn cemetery - Kyrgyzstan Naryn cemetery - Kyrgyzstan - cage

9. Take a day to go to the broken heart and the 7 bulls

For lunch, look for Parhat, you’ll find a very nice family who will cook for you and set a yurt for your comfort (The full explanation is in the lonely planet) 7 bulls _ Kyrgyzstan - Karakol area

10. Go to the water reservoir in toktogul and enjoy an afternoon of swimming