Top things to do and eat in Viana do Castelo – Portugal

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Sea, fish and bicycle !

Viana do Castelo is a little town by the sea where you can choose between the many paying touristic activities and a few free activities where walking and cycling are involved. Nature around is gorgeous and the small villages a bit further down the cycling road definitely deserves a visit. Here you’re going to hear only about the activities including nature, prepare your bicycle and your sneakers then, it’s time to visit Viana do Castelo !

Follow the guide, zoom on Portugal and on Viana do Castelo and discover my first impressions and my little “places” for a 2 days city trip.


Walk the street of the old town

Viana do castelo_portugal_view_rooftops_Santa luzia_Tourism_top things to do and see


And don’t forget the harbor (5 minutes away)

Viana do castelo_Portugal_top things to do and eat_city center_sea

Possible stop at “O pescador” for lunch

This restaurant doesn’t really look like the type of place where you’ll have the lunch of your life, but give it a chance it kind of is. Service is grumpy but sincere, the terrace is close to the road but sunny and most of all the food is delicious and this is definitely the reason why you want to go there.

viana do castelo_Portugal_Top things to do and eat_O garfo restaurant_Fish_bananas

Viana do castelo_Portugal_Top things to do and eat_O garfo_restaurant_fish_sea


Walk up “Santuario de Santa Luzia” and enjoy the fresh air and shade underneath the trees

By the stairs or the road, the points of view all the way to the santuario make it worth using your legs instead of your car to go there.

Viana do castelo_Portugal_Top things to do and eat_see_Santuario de santa luzia_Tourism


Try the “menu executivo ” at “Restaurante Os Castrejos”

DO NOT have lunch around Santa Luzia instead go back to town.

Os castrejos is a traditional restaurant where you can have a menu for 10 € with a main dish (fish or meat), dessert, coffee and drink. Service is very nice, in portuguese, english or french and portions are generous.

Viana do castlo_top things to do and eat_portugal_restaurant os castrejos_fish_menu do dia


Walk or cycle along the sea on the “Eurovelo 1” adapted path

Enjoy the wild beaches, the pretty windmills made of stones and nature.

Viana do castlo_portugal_sea_Top things to do_Walking_cycling_Eurovelo

Viana do castlo_Portugal_top things to do and see_Sea_eurovelo_cycling_walking_Path

Viana do castelo_Portugal_top things to do and see_sea_walking_Sand_path


And don’t be afraid of going all the way to Carreço, a small village with a pretty lighthouse and a beautiful sunset spot.

And now I just have to wish you a good trip, enjoy !